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    How good are these numbers? LMK!

    Well today at football camp, the last, we ran the 40 and tested our vertical jump. I am 13 yrs old, 5-6, 113lbs. and play running back I got:

    40 electric timing:5.32....I tripped at the end of it...also for a hand time you have to take about .20 off the time.

    Vertical Jump: 28inches. I kept jumping off the mat we had to jump on.

    So how good are these? PLMK!

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Pretty good.
    I am 16 5-10 185 lbs. also play RB and also MLB
    I run a 4.9 40 and I think my vert was 34in.
    I also maxed benched at 240 and squat at 360
    Also for the hand time thing its give or take .2 sec. ;)

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