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    I have a new strategy:
    I'm buying boxes of packs and cards and putting them in a closet and then opening them on a rainy day or whenever I feel like it. I'm going to buy a ton (anything and everything). I know it's a little odd, but it's something fun to do. Any ideas or opinions?


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    tim you are missing some points what did you get? and sounds like a good policy if you can stick to it.

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    sounds like a great idea. I used to live in MN, and during the days when weather was gonna be horrible with blizzard conditions, I'd use that opportunity to re-organize my cards.

    Didn't think about buying packs and holding them for a rainy day...I don't think I could hold out without opening at least a few.

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    Hey GIO -

    Yeah, I hope so. It should be fun sticking to it, then I'll open up the closet - 800,000 packs? What the! lol

    I bought 3 packs of 2002 Bowman DP & Prospects for 1000 points. It's a start to my collection of unopened packs and boxes :)

    That's cool, that's my thinking. Just keep them for a rainy day. Whether I'm able to do it, I dunno. I'm also adding some high end packs. I bought 2 2001 SP Legendary Cuts packs for $8 on eBay, too.


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    see I couldn't stick to that I would have to open them, I am such a loser.

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    Originally posted by gioperation
    I am such a loser.
    Took the words right out of my mouth!

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    Ouch - gio is great, don't say that! lol,

    I'll try to stick to it. I'll post my totals on this thread of packs and boxes I have. How come you didn't open that 1992 Fleer box? :)


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    Stkmtimo if you have the will power my hats off to you, I on the other hand would only end up with a closet full of wrappers LOL...

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