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    How do you retarct a bid on ebay?

    Yeah posting this everywhere. I just placed a bid on something that ends in 6 hours but found out all he takes is paypal and I have send Money order. How do I retract my bid? I dont see anywhere that says it..please help!

  2. Kronozio
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    Have you tried to speak to E-bay customer support? If you haven't its on the Home page of E-bay on the top right hand corner where it says Live Help.

    they should be able to help u with this.

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    There is a link under the "site map" to retract. it goes on your record however and technically you can be kicked off if he complains because you didn't retract for one of the stated allowable reasons. FYI.

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    I don`t think you can retract your bid if there is less than 12 hours remaining. You should try and work something out with the seller if you can.

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    Yeah the guy was cool and said he will make an exception for me so I am sending a MO but ughh he lives in china

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