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Thread: Any idea what this card is???

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    Any idea what this card is???

    picked this up for a dollar awhile back any info on it would be apreciated

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    Anything on the back? Looks like some type of promo card or something.

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    It's a promo card that was handed out at several locations. I tried to get one a couple of months back and they are hard to find............CHEAP! I'd get it graded and treasure it.

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    Hey, not to rain on your parade and maybe this means nothing, but I was at a show a few months ago, a dealer had half a table full of promo cards, Anyway, he had about 50-60 of those along with many other promo cards. he was selling them like hot cakes for $1 a piece. I dont know if the card holds any value but I would hold on to it for 20 years, ya never know.

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    Those are unlicensed cards which some referred to as Broders. They didn't have much value and may be worth even less now. Those were printed up by dealers and not a card company. I had a few back in 1992.

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    Ya you can usually tell the unlicened versions becouse no team information is provided on the cards.

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    and they spelled jordan wrong
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