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Thread: sage game exclusives

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    sage game exclusives

    i can get it for 150....

    is it worth it? or are prices really going to keep dropping?

  2. Kronozio
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    I bought a couple packs and was really disappointed. I don't see them being worth a whole lot, because you're supposed to get 4 bush/young/leinart's in each box!! I like the idea, I just think that what makes these cards valuable in the first place is it being hard to pull one. But with this set, they are easily obtained and I just really, really don't see them holding there value as much as say a 06 Classics Bush auto /100 would....

    Just my opinion though....

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    what are the popular boxes for football rc's?

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    Elite and Classics are both pretty good for RC's, both have fairly low numbered RC sets

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    thanks for the input.

    what are a few of the top products taht you would recommend based on overall quality? (price, hits, inserts, design, tradeability, value, etc)

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