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Thread: Question about BV...

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    Question about BV...

    Hey all,

    I opened a box of 05/06 Finest the other day and was rather dissapointed topull an Red X-Fractor Auto RC of Sarunas Jasikevicius #/149

    wondering what an approximate BV might be coz someone wanted it in a trade i looked up his Bowman X-Fractor RC auto and was amazed that it had a BV of $ it safe to assume that the finest one would be around about the same value? or am i way off with that?

    Cheers for any help


  2. Kronozio
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    sorry to say it, but it's not likely. best bet, I would say, is to look at the 04-05 Finest sets, find a "similar" player and relate the two. It should be pretty evident what the approximate bv is. then again, who knows? just my opinion

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    i had a look at the 04/05 Finest prices and the closest person i could find was Sabby Telfair...his books $40 so im gunna fly with that :)

    thanks for the tip calvin

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