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Thread: Having a hobby box dillema

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    Having a hobby box dillema

    Okay so I need some people's opinion. I just bought a 6 pack box of 05-06 bowman. I have decided that I am going to get another box now. I was wondering if I should get a 24 pack box of 05-06 bowman (not considered a hobby box because it has 5 cards per and not 7) or a 05-06 upper deck hardcourt hobby box... The hardcourt box is for 37.95 and the bowman is for 36.99. There is the chance I might get both, but I wanna know what I should do at this point.... Thanks for any help.

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    Shipping on those is 7 bucks, if I get both combined it is 8.50.... I was also wondering if I could get those somewhere else for cheaper.

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    Are there any special cards in the Hardcourt boxes? It does come with a pack of that mj/lj set...

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    Well, you probably wont find it a lot cheaper, maybe 2-3 bucks less somewhere. As for which to pick, bowman will have lots more rcs, but hardcourt has better auto inserts if you can get one. I am always for hobby first, but depending on which you are looking for(rcs/inserts) should decide which box you want. I would take Hardcourt, but that's just me.

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    Well I already have a great collection of rookies... So I may go with the hard court. But it may be quite possibile that I get both just because I want to add to my collection.

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    Anyone else have thoughts on this? I am leaning towards the hardcourt because it garauntees a few things... But I want to add to my rookie collection. So I may just go all out and get both...

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    stay away from hardcourt. crappiest ud product this year.

    stick to bowman. At least you can get the gold chrome RCs that sell well.

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