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Thread: If you need a website

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    If you need a website

    If you need a website to showcase your collection, I could build you a decent web page, nothing really special, but gets the job done web page that showcases all of your cards. I'll even show you how to update it once I get it on the web. I will do my work for very cheap (like $5-10 if you like it) and for free if you don't like it. You can e-mail me at or PM me if you want a site done. All you need is:

    1) Somewhere where you can host your site. (All I am doing is making your layout, and all the files for it, included with full detailed instruction)

    I hope you consider me if you need something done, because a personal page will be way too expensive for a real designer.


    **Mods: If this is in the wrong section or against the rules, I would prefer if you would just lock it instead of delete it because I would like people to see it, thanks.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    What kind of website hosting would be necessary to showcase my collection with a searchable function/database?
    Like, I want to be able to sort by year, or team, or player name, or set, etc?

    Gimme a holler via PM or something.

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    i'd also be interested, PM me with details im always about organization, thanks

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