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Thread: Auto/GU Tradelist!!!

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    Cool Auto/GU Tradelist!!!

    Well Looking To Trade Here Is What i Got Thanks.

    2001 Sage Rosenfels:fleer Leagacy rookie #103 044/999
    2006 Cris Carter:Donruss Elite Passing The Torch PT-18 03/99
    Game Used GU
    2002 David Garrard:Flair franchise Tools dual 4 clr and game ball
    2005 Andre Johnson:Fleer Ultra AU-AJ
    2004 Terrell Ownes:Fleer Genuine Article GA-TO
    2006 Lew Dawson/Trent Green:Donruss Elite Back To The FutureBTF- 059/299
    2006 Jake Delhomme:Donruss Elite Zoning Commission #ZC-11 299/399
    2005 David Carr:Upper Deck RR ReflectionsRF-DC
    2005 Byron Leftwhich:SPX Swatch SupermacySW-BL
    2006 Edgerin james:Donruss Elite Prime Targets #PT-3 246/299
    2006 Steve Jackson:Donruss Elite Elite Series #ES-25 157/299
    2005 Andre Davis:Upper Deck Kickoff jeresy #KJ-AD (Not In the Best Condition)
    2005 Tiki Barber Upper Deck Game Jersey #GJ-TI
    2006 Randy Moss: Donruss Classics Sundays Best #ed/250

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    i'm interested in this:
    Cris Carter Donruss Elite Passing The Torch auto/99
    check my tradelist here:
    lmk thanks necron 9d9

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