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Thread: Sell List inside No Link

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    Sell List inside No Link

    make me an offer (shipping=$1)
    I also have star base cards if needed
    I will only trade if you have cards of people in my sig



    2000 Fleer Ryan Anderson AUTO
    2006 Topps Certified AUTO issue Scott Olsen
    2005 Throwback Threads Signature Marks 260.Chone Figgins (25/50)
    2005 Donruss Diamond Kings AUTo Aramis Ramirez #d/30
    2005 Diamond Kings Auto #d//100 Angel Guzman
    1999 Teams Best AUTO Mark Mulder
    2002 Topps Reserve Autographed Mini Helmet Rafael Palmeiro bv $60

    2005 Bowman Sterling Josh Becket GU JSY #d/199 (incoming)
    2004 Upper Deck R Class Josh Beckett GU JSY (incoming)
    2005 SP Lengendary Cuts Carl Yastrzemski GU JSY (incoming)
    2005 Fleer Tradition Diamond Tributes Chipper Jones GU bat
    2006 Topps Allen and ginter GU JSY Carlos Delgado
    2005 Studio Master Strokes Adam Dunn GU Bat #d/250
    2004 Studio Game Day Souveneirs GU JSY w/ blue pinstripe Doug Mientkiewicz
    2002 Fleer Tradition Lumber Company GU Bat card Curt Schilling
    2004 Leaf Certified Materials Barry Zito GU Jersey card 008/100 (White)(pending)
    2005 Topps Turkey Red GU Bat Albert Pujols(ebay)
    2004 Donruss Throwback Threads Tom Glavine GU Jersey and Bat card 47/50 (His Jersey Number) (Blue)
    2004 Donruss Timeless Treasures 1997 Cy Young GU Jersey Pedro Martinez (White With Blue Stripe) 53/97
    2005 UD Reflections Fabric Reflections Jersey - Mark Prior
    2004 UD Etchings Jose Reyes GU BAT #d/250 (NFT)
    2005 Bowman Futures GU JSY Felix Pie (NFT)
    2004 Fleer Platinum Nameplates Player Jose Reyes 3color patch(NFT)
    2005 Topps Touch em all ivan rodriguez GU base #d/100
    2003 Donruss Classics Dress Code GU JSY Alex Rodriguez #d/500
    2005 Donruss Impressions GU Bat Jose Reyes(NFT)
    Ken Griffey Sr. 01 Ud Baseball Hereos Bat Card
    Dave Winfield 01 Ud Baseball Hereos Bat Card
    2006 Upper Deck UD Game Materials David Wright GU pants

    2006 Topps Allen and ginter mini John Koronka RC
    2006 Topps Allen and ginter Ryan Zimmerman RC
    2006 Topps Allen and ginter Chris Duffy RC
    2002 Bowman Gold RC Francisco Liriano(incoming)
    2004 UD Ervin Santana Star Rookie
    2006 Topps Opening Day RC Anthony Reyes
    2006 Topps RC Francisco Liriano
    2006 UD Josh Johnson RC
    2004 Fleer Patchworks Ronny Cedeno RC #d/799
    1998 Pinnacle Rookie Carl Pavano
    1993 Classic Draft Pick Derrek Lee
    1993 Topps Coming Attraction Jim Edmonds
    2003 Topps Future Stars Rich Harden/Bobby Crosby
    2003 Topps First YEar Zach Duke
    1998 Pinnacle Rookie Todd Helton
    2005 Bowman First Year Bear Bay
    2005 Bowman First Year Chris Denorfia
    2003 UD Star Rookie Todd Wellemeyer
    2003 UD Star Rookie Brandon Webb
    1997 Pinnacle RC Matt Morris
    1990 UD RC Sammy Sosa
    2005 UD All star classics allstar futures Jose Capellan
    2005 Topps Toal FY chris seddon/elliot johnson
    2005 Cracker jack first year Jeff Allison
    2006 Topps Rookie Card Paul McAnulty
    2006 Topps Rookie Card Shaun Marcum
    2005 Topps Turkey Red First Year Stuart Pomeranz
    2005 Topps Turkey Red First Year Luke Scott
    2005 Topps Turkey Red First Year Billy Butler
    2005 Topps Turkey Red First YearMike Bourn
    2005 Topps Turkey Red First Year Thomas Oldham
    2005 Topps Turkey Red First YearRyan Sweeney
    2005 Topps Turkey Red First Year Bear Bay
    2005 Topps Turkey Red First Year Iam Blandergroen
    2005 Topps Turkey Red First Year Hernan Iribarren
    1993 Topps Draft Pick Derek Jeter
    2003 Topps Prospect Bobby Crosby 1139/2003
    2005 Upper Deck Future Stars Joey Gathright
    2003 Donruss Rated Rookie Oliver Perez
    1993 Topps Coming Attraction Javy Lopez
    2005 Upper DEck Future Stars Nick Swisher
    1993 Topps 1992 Draft Pick Preston Wilson
    2002 Upper Deck Star Rookie Alex Cintron
    2003 Topps 1st Year Card Jose Contreras
    1997 Score Rookie Livan Hernandez
    1995 Fleer Skybox Emorion Rookie Chipper Jones
    1998 Donruss RC Kerry Wood
    1998 Pinnacle RC Kerry Wood
    2004 Topps Total First Year Dustin Nippert
    2005 Topps Chrome First Year card Garrett Olson
    2005 Topps Chrome First Year card Chris Vines
    2003 Donruss RC Rim Kalita
    2003 Topps Prospects Dontrelle Willis/Jason Stokes
    2003 Donruss Champions RC Jason Lay
    2004 Bowman First Year Chris Shelton
    2006 Bowman Gold RC Jaime Bubela
    2006 Bowman RC Billy Killian
    2006 Bowman RC Shawn Riggans
    2006 Bowman Chrome RC Kendry Morales
    2006 Bowman Chrome Brandon Roberts
    2003 Donruss Rated Rookie Fransisco Rodriguez
    2004 Bowman Gold First Year Javier Guzman
    2003 Bowman Heritage First Year Jordan Pratt
    2006 Topps Ian Kinsler RC

    #ed Inserts/0ther
    2006 Topps Allen and ginter Dick Perez Collection Vlad Guerrero
    2006 Topps Allen and ginter Dick Perez Collection Andruw Jones
    Johnny Bench 1983 Donruss Diamond Kings BCCG Graded 9
    2004 Leaf Certified Cuts Greg MAddux Stars #d/599
    2002 Fleer Tradition This Day in History Albert Pujols BV 10
    2002 Fleer Tradition This Day in History Roger Clemens BV 10
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Yellow Sky ad back SP Roger Clemens BV 10
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Red Parallel Alex Rodriguez w/ glove SP BV 5
    2002 Donruss Studio Master Strokes BV 8
    2004 Playoff Prestige Stars of MLB Mark Prior
    2004 Leaf Certified Cuts Stars Greg Maddux #d/599
    2003 UD Fortyman Tom Wilson #d/40
    1967 Topps 1966 NL Pitching Leaders Sandy Koufax/Juan Marichal/Gaylord Perry/Bob Gibson (6-7)
    2004 Leaf Sunday Dress Mark Prior
    1966 Topps Tony Perez(6-7)
    1975 Topps Tony Perez
    1961 TOPPS NATIONAL LEAGUE HOMERUN LEADERS Ernie Banks/Hank Aaron/Matthews/Boyer ( about a 5-6) (incoming)
    2005 UD MVP Batter Up Monte Irvin
    2005 Zenith Mozaics triple Dontrelle Willis Mike Lowell Aj burnett
    2005 Fleer Cooperstown Tribute Johnny Bench
    2004 Donruss Studio Heroes of the HAll George Brett 354/499
    2005 Donruss Power Alley Jim Edmonds 220/250
    1998 SPorts Illustrated Editor's Choice Ken Griffey Jr.
    2001 Pacific Private Stock Gold Portraits 47.Derrek Lee (72/75)


    2003 Bowman Chrome Autograph Michael Haynes RC
    2005 Bowmans Best RC AUTO Darren Sproles #d/999
    2005 Bowmans Best RC AUTO Lionel Gates #d/999
    2004 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Class Marks Michael Clayton
    2006 Press Pass Authentic Autograph Democo Ryans
    2006 Press Pass Authentic Autograph Gabe Watson
    2005 Bowman Signs of the Future AUTO Charles Frederick
    2005 Sage Hit Reggie Brown RC AUTO Gold #d/250
    2004 UD Finite Rex Grossman AUTO(pending)

    8x10 signed and certified
    Jan Stenerud signed with HOF '91

    #ed/ regular Inserts
    2005 Zenith Autumn Warriors Joe Montana/Tom Brady bv$12
    2005 ESPN SPortsCentury Walter Payton bv$8(pending)
    2005 ESPN ESPY Award Winners Brett Favre
    2005 ESPN ESPY Award Winners Antonio Freeman
    2005 Zenith Zteam Donovan McNabb
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Joe Montana
    2005 Topps All American Joe Montana #d/555
    2005 Topps All American Steve Spurrier #d/555
    2005 ESPN Plays of the Week Brett Favre
    2005 Playoff Honors O's Trent Green #d/150
    2005 Playoff Honors Vanguard Reuben Droughns #d/99
    2005 Score Scorecard Justin McCareins #d/599
    2005 Score Adrenaline Adam vinateri #d/399
    2005 Score Adrenaline Daunte Caulpepper #d/399
    2005 Score Scorecard Bobby Engram #d/599
    2005 Zenith Autumn Warriors Roy Williams(WR)/Javon Walker
    2005 ESPN This day in History Marvin Harrison
    2005 ESPN the magazine Steve McNair
    2005 ESPN the magazine Eddie George
    2005 ESPN The magazine Daunte Culpepper
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Red Parallel Gerald Ford
    2005 Honors Game Day Shaun Alexander
    2005 Playoff Prestige Superbowl HEroes David Givens
    2005 Playoff Prestige Stars of the NFL Tom Brady
    2005 Playoff Honors O's Brian Westbrook 46/150
    2005 Playoff Honors Vanguard Andre Johnson 94/99
    2005 Playoff Honors Class Reunion Andre Johnson Anquan Boldin
    2005 Leaf R's and S's Great American Heroes Jim Plunket 558/1250
    2005 Zenith Orange 3rd down EPIX J.P. Losman 27/400
    2005 Zenith Aerial Assault Chad Pennington
    2005 Topps Golden Greats Joe Namath
    2005 Playoff Contenders Rex Grossman Playoff Ticket/199
    2005 Absolute Memorabilia Shaun Alexander Red Spectrum
    2005 Playoff Honors Touchdown Tandems Trent Green Tony Gonzalez
    2005 Playoff Honors Game Day Peyton Manning
    2005 Donruss Throwback Threads Generations QB Dan Marino Peyton Manning
    2005 Leaf Rookies and Stars True Blue Roy Williams 4/99
    2005 Zenith Spellbound silver Dan Marino (pending)
    2005 Zenith Spellbound Tom Brady (pending)
    2005 Absolute Memorabilia Black Spectrum Jake Delhome
    2005 Zenith Autumn Warriors Joe Montana Tom Brady

    2001 Donruss Clasics GU Stadium Seat Ray Lewis (Memorial Stadium)
    2005 Topps Turkey Red GU JSY Dominack Davis
    2005 Playoff Honors Rookie Tandems GU Reggie Brown and Ryan Moats RC bv $20
    2005 Bowmans Best RC GU JSY Reggie Brown #d/599
    2005 Leaf R's and S's Kyle Orton Freshman Orientation GU JSY #d/350(pending)

    2001 UD MVP Mike Vick
    2004 Playoff Prestige RC Tommie Harris
    2005 Topps Turkey Red RC Reggie Brown
    Donovan McNabb 99 Pacific Revolution Rc #130
    Byron Leftwich 03 Bowman Rc #175
    Michael Clayton 04 Topps Pristine Rc Refractor #’d/1099
    2005 Topps Turkey Red RC Alex Smith(TE)
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Cedric Benson
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Larry Brackins
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Justin Miller
    2005 Topps Turkey Red RC Red Parallel Willie Parker(I know its not his rookie year but it says rookie on the card)
    2005 Topps Turkey Red RC Heath Miller
    2005 Topps Turkey Red RC Red Parallel Eric Shelton
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Brock Berlin
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Jonathan Babineaux
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Heath Miller
    2005 Topps Heritage Ryan Moats
    2005 Donruss Classics Rookie James Kilian 331/1499
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Courtney Roby
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Mike Williams
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Derek Anderson
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Fred Gibson
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Kirk Morrison
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Vincent Jackson
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Red Parallel Vincent Jackson
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Eric Shelton
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Aaron Rodgers (x2)
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Derrick Johnson
    2005 Bowman Chrome Josh Bullocks
    2005 Bowman Chrome Nick Collins
    2005 Topps Heritage Charlie Frye
    2005 Topps Heritage Vernand Morency
    2005 Topps Heritage Eric Shelton
    2005 Honors Vanguard RC Jerome Collins #d/50 bv 15
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Cadillac Williams
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Brandon Jacobs
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Darren Sproles
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Marion Barber
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Vernand Morency
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Alex Smith
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Scottie Vines
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Eric Shelton RC
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Kirk Morrison #d/199
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Luis Castillo #d/1399
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Marcus Spears #d/1399
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Fred Gibson #d/1399
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Eric Moore
    2005 Bowmans Best RC David Greene
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Anttaj Hawthorne
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Kevin Burnett
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Fred Gibson (x2)
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Ryan Riddle (x2)
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Dan Cody
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Rian Wallace
    2005 Playoff Prestige RC Ciatrick Fason
    2005 Playoff Prestige RC Tab Perry
    2005 Playoff Prestige RC Mike Williams
    2005 Playoff Prestige RC Larry Brackins
    2005 Playoff Prestige RC Charles Frederick
    2005 Playoff Prestige RC Andrew Walter
    2005 Bowman Chrome RC Manuel White
    2005 Bowman Gold RC Taylor Stubblefield
    2005 Bowman RC BRyan Randall
    2005 Bowman RC Ronald Bartell
    2005 Bowman RC Jon Goldsberry
    2005 Bowman RC Darren Sproles
    2005 Bowman RC David Pollack
    2005 Bowman RC Ciatrick Fason
    2005 Bazooka RC Frank Gore
    2005 Bazooka RC Alex Smith (QB)
    2005 Bazooka RC Airese Currie
    2005 Bazooka RC Courtney Roby
    2005 Bazooka RC Maurice Clauret
    2005 Bazooka RC Charlie Frye
    2005 Bazooka RC Terrence Murphy
    2005 Bazooka RC Justin Miller
    2005 Bazooka RC Mark Clayton
    2005 Bazooka RC Demarcus Ware
    2005 Bazooka RC Rodney White
    2005 Bazooka RC Adam Jones
    2005 Bazooka RC Blue Airese Currie
    2005 Bazooka RC Blue Frank Gore
    2005 Bazooka RC Blue Alex Smith bv$10
    2005 Bazooka RC Gold Troy Williamson
    2005 Bazooka RC Gold Alvin Pearman
    2005 Bazooka RC Gold Eric Shelton
    2005 Leaf R's and S's True Blue Alfred Fincher 13/50
    2005 Leaf R's and S's Dual Frank Gore Alex Smith (QB) Checklist
    A lot of 2005 LEaf R's and S's Rc bases lmk what oyu need
    2005 UD Rookie Debut Craig Bragg
    2005 UD Rookie Debut Airese Currie
    2004 Press Pass SE Gold Mike Williams
    2004 Press Pass SE Deangelo HAll
    2004 Press Pass SE Shawn Andrews
    2004 Press Pass SE Gold Cedric Cobbs
    2004 Press Pass SE ELI Manning
    2004 Press Pass SE Cody Pickett
    2004 Press Pass SE Old School Michael Jenkins
    1991 Pro Set Platinum Platinum Prospects Brett Favre RC bv$11
    2005 BOwman Chrome RC Shaun Cody
    2002 Leaf R&S's Alex Brown
    2004 UD Star Rookie Nathan Vasher
    2003 UD Rookie Premiere Rex Grossman
    2005 Topps Rookie Derrick Johnson
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Justin Miller (x2)
    2005 Topps Rookie Marcus Maxwell
    2005 Bazooka Gold Cadillac Williams RC
    Reggie Brown 05 Topps Total #512 bv$1.50
    Reggie Brown 05 Score #358 bv$1.00
    Reggie Brown 05 Press Pass SE #21 bv$1.00
    2005 Topps Rookie Dan Orlovsky
    2005 Leaf Rookies and Stars RC Jason CAmpbell/ Carlos Rogers Checklist
    2005 Donruss Throwback Threads Throwback Collection Jason Campbell/ Alex Smith RC
    1990 Score Rookie Junior Seau
    2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia blue spectrum Derrick Johnson RC card
    2001 UD MVP Rudi Johnson rookie x2
    2000 Vanguard Rookie Jamal Lewis 710/762 bv$15
    2000 Collecters Edge Supreme Na'il Diggs foil 1 of 2000
    2001 Victory Rookies Todd Heap
    2001 UD MVP Alge Crumpler Rookie
    2001 Victory Rookies Lamont Jordan
    1997 UD Collectors choice Rookie Collection Ike Hilliard
    2001 UD MVP Koren Robinson Rookie
    2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Red spectrum LArry BRackins rookie
    2005 Topps Rookie Airese Currie
    2005 Topps Rookie Roscoe Parrish
    2005 Topps Rookie Donte Nicholson
    2005 Topps Rookie Vincent Jackson
    2002 Score Deion Branch RC
    2002 Donruss Rated Rookie Freddie Milons RC
    2005 Topps Dan Cody RC
    2001 Press Pass Freddie Mitchell Rookievision
    2005 Topps Chad Owens RC
    2000 Bowman Chad Morton RC
    2000 Bowman Scouts Choice Chad Pennington RC
    2003 UD Honor Roll Ken Dorsey RC
    2005 Topps RC Kyle Orton
    2002 Score RC Adrian Peterson
    1999 Edge Triumph Future Fantasy Team RC Edgerrin James
    2000 Topps Rc Laverneus Coles
    2001 Bowman RC Rudi Johnson
    2005 ESPN Primetime Prospects David Greene
    2005 ESPN Primetime Prospects Ryan Moats
    2006 Press Pass Paydirt Omar Jacobs
    2006 Press Pass Paydirt Maurcie Stoval
    2006 Press Pass BASE just ask

    The following are all 2005 Score RC if a G is next to them that means theyre glossy:

    Cadillac Williams
    Alex Smith
    Alex Smith G
    Antrell Rolle
    Aaron Rodgers
    Mike Williams
    Matt Jones
    Charlie Frye
    Fabian Washington
    Derrick Johnson
    Heath Miller
    Mark Clayton
    Marlin Jackson
    David Pollack G
    Marcus Spears
    Roscoe Parrish
    Courtney Roby(x2)
    Carlos Rogers
    Shawne Merriman
    Craphonso Thorpe
    Fred Gibson(x2)
    Fred Gibson G
    J.J. Arrington
    Shaun Cody
    Jerome Mathis
    Vincent Jackson
    Maurice Clarett
    Eric Shelton
    Andrew Walter
    Ciatrick Fason
    Terrence Murphy
    Marion Barber III
    Dan Cody
    Thomas Davis
    David Pollack

    Here are 2006 Press Pass Blue:
    Laurence Maroney
    Brodie Croyle
    D'Brickashaw Ferguson
    Lendale White
    Reggie Bush

    Here are my 2006 Press Pass Big Number cards:
    Charlie Whitehurst
    Matt Leinart
    D.J. Shockley
    Jason Avant|
    Mario Williams
    Santonio Holmes
    Laurence Maroney
    Leonard Pope
    Chad Jackson
    Jerome Harrison


    03-04 Bowman AUTO RC Michael Sweetney
    03-04 Finest AUTO RC #d/999 Leandro Barbosa
    00-01 SKYBOX AUTOGRAPHICS auto Jason Terry
    05-06 Topps Picture Perfect Jarrett Jack AUTO/JSY #d/199


    BEN GORDON 2004-05 FLEER GENUINE REFLECTIONS #084/100 RC(incoming)
    2005 Press Pass blue Andrew Bogut RC CL
    98-99 vince carter never compromise RC insert
    Jason Richardson 01-02 Topps Pristine Uncommon Rc #70
    96-97 Hoops The Rookies Steve Nash
    2005 Press Pass Old School Andrew Bogut(x2)
    2005 Press Pass Taylor Coppenrath
    2005 Press Pass Blue Chris Thomas
    2005 Press Pass Raymond Felton RC
    2005 Press Pass blue Taylor Coppenrath RC
    2005 Press Pass Drake Diener
    2005 Press Pass Chris Taft
    2005 Press Pass Rashaad McCants RC
    96-97 UD Collectors Choice Kobe RC
    96-97 Skybox Rookie Antoine Walker
    95-96 Topps Finest 1st round draft pick Jerry Stackhouse
    03-04 Topps Draft Pick Kirk Hinrich
    99 Collectors Edge RookieRage Antawn Jamison
    03-04 Topps Draft Pick Chris Haman
    03-04 Topps Draft Pick Jarvis Hayes
    03-04 Topps Draft Pick Luke Ridnour
    03-04 Topps Draft Pick Josh Howard
    03-04 Topps Draft Pick Leandrinho Barbosa
    05-06 Upper Deck Rookie Slam Charlie Villanueva
    05-06 Topps Rookie Black CArd Marvin Williams 293/500
    05-06 Topps Rookie Marvin Williams
    05-06 Topps Rookie Daniel Ewing
    97-98 UD RC Tim Duncan
    01-02 UD Star Rookie Eddy Curry
    03-04 Topps Rookie Travis Outlaw
    03-04 Topps Rookie Reece Gaines (x2)
    03-04 Topps Rookie Marcus Banks
    2005 Press Pass Old School Dijon THompson
    2005 Press Pass Ryan Gomes
    05-06 Topps RC Wayne Simien
    05-06 Topps chrome RC Nate Daniels|
    04-05 Topps RC Sebastian Telfair
    2005 Press Pass Blue RC Chris Paul
    03-04 Fleer Tradition Draft Day Rookie Josh Howard #d/375
    2005 Press Pass John Gilchrist
    2005 Press Pass Ellis Myles

    05-06 Topps Total Total Performance Dirk Nowitzki
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  2. Check out the Auctions from
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    How much do you want for these.

    05-06 Topps Picture Perfect Jarrett Jack AUTO/JSY #d/199

    Possibly this 00-01 SKYBOX AUTOGRAPHICS auto Jason Terry

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    like i said pm me an offer the gordons gonna be a little tougher to get....

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    theres also scans of some of them on my photobucket

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    like teh jason terry autographics and the vick rc lmk what yuor price is

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    cincybearcats- its griffey sr....

    dabears34- pm me a price dlvd like i said in first post

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