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    Why Do People Mis-Count Colors on Patches???

    Just haven't figured out why people mis-count colors on patches. You know what I'm talking about? If a patch is red/white/blue/gold/silver...that would be a 5-color patch. No doubt about it there. Now, if a patch is striped for example, and was colored red/black/red/black/red/black/red...That's still a 2-color patch. Yes, it has 7 color seperations, but it is a 2 COLOR PATCH

    What happens if you trade for a patch that someone says is 5 colors, yet when you get it, the thing only has 2 colors with different seperations? Does that mean the card was misrepresented? Do you cancel the trade?

    So many questions! :)

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    Card is misrepresented for certain in that case. As for the trade being canceled, that is for discussion between the two parties. I think the same as you do, unfortunately I NEVER give anyone the benefit of the doubt and assume that I am somehow trying to be cheated when this happens.

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    now if a patch (color part is say blue/red) and outside the patch is white (jersey I guess) is that a 2 color or a 3 color...does the patch itself determine the amount of colors?

    Maybe the person simply did not know like me...this is one reason I always ask for a scan...I've passed on several trades that I could not receive a scan...

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    In that scenario (patch/jersey) I just go based on what color the entire swatch is. If there are 3 colors visible in the 'cut' part of the card where the GU piece is showing, then it's a 3-Color GU. :)

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    I think it's up to interpretation. That's why I agree w/Gkeenan...seeing a scan takes away any uncertainty.

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    7 colors sound better. But that's why I have to see scans before I buy any patches.
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    well i could have put 3 colors in my description of one of my patch cards but the separation of the colors is what made me say 5 if you describe exactly what the card looks like than i don,t see a problem with it, it is when someone says a patch is a certain number of colors and there aren,t is where the problem comes in either way a 5 color or 3 color patch would still receive a premium in my eyes thats just my opinion though take care spuds

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    always get a scan or pass on it.

    Different colors is what I go by. Red/Black/Red constitutes 2 colors to me no matter how you look at it. There are many idiots in this hobby. They all belong to the 1/1 #`d to the jersey club. :)

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    it should always be described as both the # of colors, and the # of breaks....if you have a red/blue/black/blue/ should be described as a 3 color patch with 4 breaks...that statement would let an experienced hobbiest know that there are 3 DIFFERENT colors, but 5 SEPERATED colors....its just a matter of people not knowing or understanding such cards...i would NEVER buy/trade for a multi color patch without seeing a scan

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