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Thread: FS- Making player/team lots

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    FS- Making player/team lots

    Making player and team lots for cheap. Will also include rookies in the team lots. Let me know who you are interested in.

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    Kobe Bryant D-wade and Lebron lookin for these players if your sellin cheap.

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    lebron and wade have been sold. i guess i have a few lebrons left. like maybe 4 or 5. let me know if your interested.

    i have a proabably around 30 kobes. if you want i can get you a list. are you still interested in that jordan lot. i will sell it to you for cheaper today then yesterday.

    Jordan lot

    05-06 UD Reflections
    03-04 Victory Farewell to a Legend #231
    03-04 Victory Farewell to a Legend #232
    03-04 Victory Cluth Shooters #162
    03-04 Victory #100
    05-06 Upper Deck
    05-06 Upper Deck ROY #MJ 31
    05-06 Upper Deck ROY #MJ 7
    05-06 Upper Deck ROY #MJ 11
    05-06 Upper Deck ROY #MJ 35
    99-00 Upper Deck Victory #32
    99-00 upper Deck Victroy #404
    99-00 Upper Deck Victory #415
    05-06 Upper Deck Espy Award Winners #MJ2
    05-06 Upper Deck ESPN the Magazine #MJ 1

    For $17 dollars. Plus 1 dollar shipping extra to Canada. Let me know on the Kobes.

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