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Thread: babe ruth bat card ft

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    babe ruth bat card ft

    05 absolute tools of the trade bat card 17/250, i was going through my cards and realized i didnt have need for this one so looking to trade leave a site or lmk what you have for trade. (also its been a couple months since i have looked price up so i have know idea any help on this would help me a lot in making a deal)
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    I believe that it books 150. Could you check out my site?

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    didnt really see anything i could use. thanks for the help on bv though

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    Please check my bucket. I will be updating in a few days. So if you don't see anything let me know what you are looking for. Thanks
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    I see you collect football I have some old football cards including a Joe Montana RC Ill give you the whole lot for it. Scans are on my site


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    plymouth-sorry nothing i need at the moment
    junzzal- pm sent
    gump76-pm sent
    flem-nothing i really need at the moment
    sense6- lm check my football and see what of those cards i already have, i know i have the montana rookie already

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