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Thread: Looking To Trade

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    Looking To Trade

    Looking For------

    UD Glass Clear winners--02-03
    UD Cool Cats---01-02
    UD Floor Film 00-01
    Fleer feel the game00-01
    Fleer Tradition School Ties GU--02-03

    Trade List-----

    Zone Busters --
    T-Mac # ZB10
    K-Martin # ZB4 X2
    S-O'Neal # ZB1

    Coast To Coast--
    B-Davis # CC4
    S-Francis # CC5
    R-Allen # CC11
    J-Richardson # CC18

    Topps Chrome Refractors--
    P-Gasol #2
    T-MacCulloch # 32
    T-Thomas # 36
    E-Griffin # 46
    K-Clark # 65
    M-Olwokandi # 95
    D-Fisher # 94
    L-Ellis # 111
    L-Odom # 120

    Topps Chrome Black Refractors--
    J-Rose 42/99--2003
    T-Brandon 57/99--2003
    T-Gugliotta 48/99--2003
    J-Smith 55/99-2003

    Toops Chrome White Refractors--
    G-Giricek 87/249
    A-Jamison 110/249
    A-Daniels 219/249
    E-Griffin 117/249

    Topps Black--2003
    K-Anderson 139/500
    J-Rose 79/500

    Cards for Trade--------Game Used

    Hoops Hot Materials Jersey " Speddy Claxton" # HM-SC--02-03

    Fleer Genuine On the UP Speedy Claxton Blue shooting shirt--02-03 X2 --Both have chipping on the edge of card

    Fleer Tradition Red Swatch ,Genuine Coverage Speedy Claxton --00-01

    Bowmans Best Rookie Locker Room Collection Jersey Speedy Claxton --2001

    Fleer Genuine Upside Speedy Claxton # 125--530/1500---00-01

    SPx Rookie Jersey ,Auto Speedy Claxton #ed 1774/2500--2000

    SP Authentic Dual Floor --K-Martin & C-Webber ---2001

    SP Authentic Dual Floor --K-Martin & S- Jackson Two color Floors--2001

    Spx Signed Rookie Jersey J-Sasser Blue 605/800

    UD Sweet Shot Rookie Blue Jersey J-Sasser 684/1200

    UD Sweet Shot Rookie Jersey J-Collins 547/1200-3/4 holes --1/4 no holes

    UD Rookie Threads Patch Two color Blue & White Eddie Griffin--2002

    UD Rookie Threads Patch Two color Blue & White Stripe Eddie Griffin Graded NM-MT 8--2002

    UD Rookie Discovery 1 --T-Mac Gem Mnt 10

    Topps Chrome All Star Reprint K-Abdul -Jabbar #10 & 50---`2002

    Flair Show Case Two Color Feel The Game K-Thomas --2000

    Topps First Shot Xpectations B-ArmStrong Rookie--1/2 with holes--1/2 with out

    Topps First Shot Rookie S-Hunter Two color Blue--2001

    Topps First Shot S-Battier Rookie Jersey -2001

    Sp Authentic Rookie Jersey Purple M-Bradley 84/1275

    Sp Authentic Rookie Jersey S-Dalembert --183/1275

    UD Uniform Greatness--M-Fizer White--2002

    UD Uniform Greatness--S-Nash Blue--2002

    UD Uniform Greatness--L-Sprewell White--2002

    Bowmans Best Rooie Locker Room Collection J-Collier

    Sp Authentic Rookie Jersey Purple Jarron -Collins 968/1275

    Fleer Authentix R-Lewis Jersey---01-02

    Fleer Authentix A-Miller Jersey--01-02

    Fleer Authentix Ripped --G-Robinson Jersey--2002

    Fleer Authentix Ripped --S-Francis Red Jersey--02-03

    Fleer Authentix Ripped C-Webber ---02-03

    Topps Pristine Refractor J-Dixon #99--2003

    These will Only Be Traded For Spurs Cards I Don't Have-----

    Tony Parker--Auto SC # 58--2002---Auto Was obtained at the Grand Amercia Hotel on spurs 2nd visit to SLC

    Tony Parker & J-Tinsely UD Classic Duals Three Color ,Blue--Black--Yellow Stripe--2002

    Tony Parker Topps First Shot Rookie Jersey

    Tony Parker UD Glass # 78--2003

    Tony Parker SPx # 78--2002

    Topps Chrome E-Ginobili Rookie

    S-Elliott SOTT --1999

    T-Porter Slice Of a Star Warm Up--2001

    SP Steve Smith All Atar Apparel Uniform --2002

    David Robinson SP Game Floor # DV---2001 X2

    David Robinson --Fleer Maximum Big Shots Jersey---01-02

    Tim Duncan Topps Ten Parallel Jersey --1371/1500--2002

    Bowmans Best Fusion # MI 16---1999

    Tim Duncan SC NBA Draft #201

    Team Topps # TT2--2001

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    how much card cash for this card??:

    SP Authentic Dual Floor --K-Martin & C-Webber ---2001



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    Originally posted by trevorzinn
    how much card cash for this card??:

    SP Authentic Dual Floor --K-Martin & C-Webber ---2001



    Thanks,but looking to trade for other card!

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