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    BV help on a Caddy RC jsy PLZ!!!!

    I have this card and noticed that the regular base version is /900 bv20, can anyone help me with a bv on whatever version this is, its not a die cut, and a pic can be found in my bucket if that helps, any help is welcome, Thanks!!!

    2005 Topps Pristine Cadillac Williams RC jersey #113 Ser.# 30/45 !!!

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    even though it doesn't look die cut, that has to be it as that is the only card that is /45....i guess there is a possibility there was an error and they put the wrong serial number on a non die cut card, but i looked and couldn't find any other cards /45 other than the die cuts...guess that wasnt much help, lol

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    im thinking they meant that the octagon where the swatch is would be the die-cut. Also, die cut's are the only gu's with a number instead of letters. Anyway, if i looked up the right thing its bv is $30.

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    thanks fellas, I think it bv40 if its in fact the die cut octagon,the regular version bv20 and the die cut rookies 2x could be worse, thanks again

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    I stand corrected, you guys are correct, thanks!!!!

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