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Thread: Maybe I missed it...

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    Maybe I missed it...

    But what are all the ways (besides referals) that you can get cardcash?

  2. Kronozio
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    Howdy Butch!

    Maybe this Link will help.

    In addition,various amounts of CC are often awarded by the mods for helpful or informative posts.


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    You can always sell cards to people like me! Got any Jerry Hairston Jr. or Albert Pujols?

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    probablly got some Pujols. Hairston i have to check on....

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    Please do! I'll buy ANYTHING that says Jerry Hairston Jr. Write it on a piece of paper and I'll buy it for 1 cc!!Just kidding, I could write it but please check.Thanks

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    Butch your sig is in violation you might want to fix it before a mod catches you

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    You can post your homepage on your profile page which you already know(I'm pretty sure) will give you a WWW quick link, Please use that as a link for your stellar credentials.

    We limit sigs. because they become trouble. And can make a 3 post thread an eyesore, Thanks for addressing this SCF preference.

    **Thanks for the quick fix**
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