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Thread: Michael Jordan GU FT!!

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    Michael Jordan GU FT!!

    It's 05-06 Upper Deck Hardcourt Materials Wood #ed to 50 bv160. I am looking for anything nice, especially legends autos. I can get a scan if needed

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    I'm interested...let me know what we can work out

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    Saw nothing I could use and i only collect basketball.

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    My scanner is broke so i can't get you a scan tonight. I like your kobe auto, your magic auto, and yur drexler auto. Can i get you a picture of a card like it so you can see and get you a scan of the actual card tommorroww?

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    just email me a scan of it tomorrow, i think i know what it looks like, if its the one thats in the shape of an "M" im not really interested. dont think i would give up a kobe auto for it tho.

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    Do you think you would do the magic and drexler for it?

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    hey man, i liked alot of the stuff on your site, please check mine and see if you can use anything.
    looking for all melo and warrick
    Need!!!!! 06-07 Finest BLUE AND GREEN REFRACTORS!!!!!!!!!!!
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