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    03 RC Topps DP and P Gold Chrome Refractor for trade

    I have these Gold Chrome Refractors from 03 Topps DP and P.
    Terence Newman BV 40
    Terrell Suggs BV 25
    Boss Bailey BV 20
    Bryant Johnson BV 25
    Marcus Trufant BV 15
    Quentin Griffin BV 30

    Looking for other nice 03 RC in same price range. I really need Simms, Boller, Newman, McGahee, Fargas, Rogers, Newman and Leftwich.
    02 RC's I need are Portis, Carr, Peppers, Roy Williams.
    Other RC's I'm looking for are Porter Raiders WR, Koren Robinson, Chad Johnson, Ahman Green, Manning, Moss, Culpepper, Jamal Lewis, Faulk SP in perfect shape,Owens.

    Let me know what you need and what you have to trade...
    My web page is done yet....


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