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Thread: Cheap Sale!

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    Cheap Sale!

    Add 1.00 Shipping

    ALL RC's for 25% of BV
    ALL GU's for 30% of BV
    ALL Auto's for 40% of BV

    lmk what ya like!

    btw, bucket is in sig...

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    What Epix version is the Edgerrin James? I may need it. LMK and thanks.

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    lane danielson jersey
    maurice clarett jersey

    LMK in trade PM ME

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    Quote Originally Posted by deansayso
    i think its third down green...its numbered to 50...
    I need it if it is in fact the 3rd down Green. How much dlvd or can I look for something for you in trade? LMK and thanks.

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    Is DJ Williams a rookie this year? I may have to buy it b/c I'm not locating any Williams cards.

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    like the chad johnson vintage, darrant williams auto, marvin williams rc lmk a price alright thanks

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    triple j - a rookie in 2004

    tanner - marvin Harrison? i can do 12 dlvd on the three...lmk

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    I probably don't have any of his stuff then unless he has some base in 06 products. I'll look to make sure but it looks like I will be buying, lol. Thanks.

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