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Thread: done collectin..clearing out

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    done collectin..clearing out

    I am done collecting..I bought a box of WWE insiders today and I did not even get an autograph...that is pure bullcrap and I've realized I have had enough of this hobby..anything I have is for sale (or trade for stuff other than cards) as I have no interest in this hobby anymore

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    What other stuff would you be interested in? DVD's, PS2 Games? There's several cards I may be interested in. LMK what you can do trade-wise or, if cheap enough, paypal-wise.

    05-06 Charlie Villanueva Pristine #ed/350
    03-04 Fleer Platinum Platinum Portraits Yao Ming (2 color)
    Nowitzki Dirk 02 SPX Winning Materials #DN-W white shorts / blue warm up
    Stockton John 01 UD Sweet Shot jersey purple
    Malone Karl 03 UD Hardcourt floor black jersey green floor piece UD Floor/Fabric Combo
    Anthony Carmelo 04-05 UD Hardcourt Materials white jersey

    2004 UD SPX Swatch Supremacy Byron Leftwich (black patch)
    Johnson Andre 04 Skybox LE Legends of the Draft black jersey #LD-AJ 22/50
    Johnson Rudi 04 SPX Swatch Supremacy black
    McNabb Donovan 00 Playoff Piece of the game preview Memorabilia Marker white jrsy

    2000 pacific kramers choice emmitt smith

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    need this, LMK what your looking for

    2005 Bowman Signs of the Future Marion Barber

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