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    Rookies for trade....some high end....

    I have these rookie cards available for trade. I am ONLY looking for Edgerrin James cards I need or Peyton/Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, LaDainian Tomlinson, Larry Johnson, Brett Favre, Carson Palmer, or Reggie Bush cards to use as tradebait. The higher end RCs I only want Edgerrin in return. LMK if you like anything and thanks a lot.
    04 Bowmans Best Zach Duke
    05 Bowmans Best Gold Billy Butler #'d 12/25 (on eBay right now, ending Sat. the 9th around 9pm EST, if you win lmk and a shipping discount will apply!!!)
    05 Topps U&H Gold #284 Matthew Kemp #'d 1675/2005
    05 Topps U&H Gold #225 Elliot Johnson #'d 1795/2005
    05 Topps U&H Gold #254 Jeremy Harts #'d 1502/2005
    05 Topps U&H Gold #277 Jesse Gutierrez #'d 1267/2005
    05 Topps Chrome U&H Black Refractor #175 George Kottaras #'d 249/250
    Regular RCs:
    05 Bowman Draft #32 Jay Bruce
    05 Bowman Heritage Billy Butler
    05 Bowman Heritage Andy LaRoche
    05 Bowman Heritage #260 Matthew Kemp
    05 Topps U&H #323 Ryan Zimmerman x2
    05 Topps #668 Billy Butler x2
    05 Upper Deck Trilogy #59 Kendry Morales
    One last thing, please DO NOT offer a low end card (BV$20 and under) plus 1 or 2 cards of someone I do not collect for the Butler or Duke. If I was going to take that deal I may as well just sell it and buy a bunch of low end. I will not trade them for cards that do not sell near what they sell for or it'd be trading too down on it. Sorry if I offend anyone but I don't know too many people that will trade way down a high end card that SELLS for $125, not BOOKS for $125 there is a difference there, lol.
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    Not really looking to sell b/c I don't need the money but the average for that one on eBay has been $50-62. I can do $55dlvd w/ DC. If thats too steep send me a PM and lmk what you were thinking. Thanks.

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    I will trade Brett Favre 91 Pro Set and Ben Roethlisberger 04 Topps Total for Matthew Kemp 05 Topps Gold #284 #'d 1675/2005.


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    IowaHawkeyesTate- Unless you're willing to spend $125 or have a Hank Aaron auto or any high end Edgerrin James the Butler isn't going anywhere. I'll probably list it on eBay in a few weeks. LMK though.

    royer33455- I have that Favre already, do you have anything else of the guys I am looking for? If not I may go ahead and do that, just lmk. Thanks a lot.

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    04 Bowmans Best Zach Duke
    looking for Steelers- Antonio Brown, Big Ben, Troy Polamalu, Bradshaw, Joe Greene, L C Greenwood, Jack Ham, Jack Lambert, Steel Curtain era players
    Penguins- sidney crosby, marc-andre fleury, evgeni malkin
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    I do not have anything else. If you would like go ahead and post the trade.


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    I have 9 Big ben rookies and a carson palmer the zach duke

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    hockeydad2- Have an $80 Edgerrin card available for trade? LMK and thanks.

    royer33455- Let me see if my friend at least needs the Favre b/c I'd rather not pile on dups of tradebait.

    intimidators44- Depends on what rookies they are of those guys. I'd really prefer to get an Edgerrin James card for them but I'll look at the others. I also am not too interested in trading too down on it and I believe it books for $80. LMK and thanks a lot.

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