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    Team lots/Player lots available!!!!CHEAP

    I have just about every team available. Some may have more lots available than others. Player lots are not listed because prices vary, just tell me who you want.

    Team Lots:
    50 team cards 2 guarenteed RCs if available-4.00 DLVD
    75 team cards 3 guarenteed RCs if available-6.00 DLVD
    100 team cards 5 guarenteed RC's if available-8.00 DLVD
    If you would like to go past this mark lmk. Some teams may not have the available rookies and in return I may include more team player cards or knock off a little on the price. Prices may be negotiable on player and team lots so lets go!



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    Can you tell me what Vlad Guerrero and David Wright you have available?


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