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Thread: Have 20$ CASH for best card!!

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    Cool Have 20$ CASH for best card!!

    Just offer me either a LOT or a Single card for 20$... Best offer wins!!

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    chadjohnson 01 pors and pros rc bv 40.00
    chad johnson 01 fleer glossy bv 12.00 for 20

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    Check out my list and let me know if you want anything. TY

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    yo i got an offer for ya. but i'll propose when i get the pics up. thanks

    can you do $25.00 for a lot or is $20 your limit?

  6. #6 I need money right about now, but i am leaving tomorrow and that's what i need money for. lol. maybe paypal or something. I give you better than 38% more like 30-35% Check my list. I got a few others so lmk if you want anyone not on there. Thanks!

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    2003 UD pros and prospects gameday carson palmer rookie jersey. #/75 bv:80
    this card has very, very little wear on the upper left corner. it's still looks very good.

    2003 bowmen carson palmer rookie bv:6

    i can give you these cards for $25.00. lmk. it's about 29% bv.

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    D.J. Williams '04 Donruss Playoff Hogg Heaven Pig Pens (RC)(HTG)
    and I could throw in some RC's or maybe another low end GU..


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    I have a pros and prospects JSY of Palmer/Dorsey numbered to 325 i think. BV 50. Very much like his. I could give you that for....lets see...$14. That's 28% of BV. (lol...can you tell i'm going against the competition?) and you could get a pretty nice GU or auto for $6. LMK

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    ill go through all offers in a bit... and yes i can offer more than 20!!

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