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    School is just about to start up and I am going part time to a community college and this just takes to much time away from my day. I am NOT quiting the hobby but would like to sell a few things and get some money for my 1st hobby (music).

    Take a look at my site and I am ONLY excepting cash and maybe money order..

    I might put a couple of my things on the bay but am giving you guys a chance for it first!


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    2006 Donruss Threads Bush/Leinart Dual Jersey /500 (HTG)
    how much for this?

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    cant afford that to be honest i was looking to buy it cheap, but thanks anyway and good luck selling and with college!

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    I am only 14 so it isn't full time college, but thanx for the encouragment!

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