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Thread: 96/97 Flair set question...

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    96/97 Flair set question...


    I don't do much basketball anymore but I have a near complete 96/97 Flair set all the cards except for the money card (Kobe RC). Do you think it would be better to trade for the Kobe RC and then try to trade or sell? Or do you think that someone would be interested in this set as is? PLMK.


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    You'll probably fare better if you just buy or trade for the Kobe RC that way you have a complete set. I'm sure you'll be able to get some takers on the set without it but I would think that someone would shell out a little more if it was actually complete. The Kobe is listed at $12 so that isn't too bad. It might be a little difficult finding it though. Hope that helps.

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