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Thread: What the hell happened???

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    What the hell happened???

    I bought a $19.99 thing of football cards from Target. it says 5 cards and there is a guaranteed value of $100.

    Here are the cards:

    1997 Pacific Invincible Emmit Smith GOLD
    1997 Pacific Invincible Troy Aikman GOLD
    1997 Collectors Choice Fury Terry Glen
    1996 Collectors Edge TimeWarp Tarkenton/White
    2001 pacific A.J. Feeley RC /1000

    What is so valuable?
    can somebody please tell me???

  2. Kronozio
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    There have been numerous threads posted within the past several weeks complaining about these packages sold at Target that guarantee either a certain dollar amount in BV, or an auto or GU.
    On very rare occasion there is a good payoff, but most times the buyer is extremely dispappointed. Don't feel too bad, many of us have fallen victim to this. I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to read some of the previous threads discussing this before you bought it. mom and dad always said.."if it sounds too good to be probably is".

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    yea none of these card come from reputable companies either..

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    in all honesty, you got close to your $100, just not what you expected....there isn't any GOLDS to my knowledge, but are probably bronze?? if thats the case, the emmitt would be $30, the aikman $18...the tark/white is $10, the glenn is $10, and the feely is $12....thats about $80 in book (prices are from a quarterly from a year ago, but doubt any of this has changed)....sorry for your luck

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    i did 1 of those boxs and i pulled a 4 jsy quad of lemieux and jagr and 2 other pens. players bv was $50 so i didnt complain but i see where ur coming from they should atleast put something good in those boxs

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