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    some good cards,nets fans and rockets fans mite wanna look

    if you are looking for a specific card,or team press ctrl f,a box will apear and then type the player/team/set you are looking for!!
    ex:ctrl+f type in trilogy and then you will see all my trilogy cards


    t-mac trilogy cutting edge GU
    shaun livingston 0405 RC autograph card Skybox EXL bv 50 dollars/100(its creased now)
    yao cutting edge GU(blue dot in one of the jsy holes)
    pau gasol hardcourt material(GU) 0405
    jason kidd sports center swatches GU
    Paul Pierce 03-04 fleer ultra disc shaped GAME USED JERSEY
    Richard Jefferson GU fleer genuine at large
    Carlos Boozer/Andrei Kirilenko 04-05 spx game used jsy
    uxury box 3 point play GU baron davis-jr smith-jamal magloire
    dejuan wagner/eric snow game used spx winning combos
    brevin knight stanford autograph scoreboard
    inserts,parrellels and refractors
    Authority Figure fleer authority Dikembe Mutumbo/DerMarr Johnson/1250
    Joe Johnson(Topps chrome refractor
    paul pierce uptemp #'d(decade 99-00)
    Paul Pierce hotlist (skybox0405)
    Alonzo Mourning(ud collectors allstar advice)
    Paul Pierce(Bowmans chrome 0506)
    Dominique Wilkins Superstar insert fleer 94-95 bv $5
    adam morrison power picks press pass 06 142/500
    Jason Kidd(topps mysterys finest i think its 96) bv 10
    larry hughes 9900 star command i think its upperdeck pros and prospects,insert
    fleer gametime antwan jaimson attack the rack
    Michael finley topps xpectations changing of the guard insert
    Eduardo Najera(0506 bazooka gold)
    steve nash topps heritage out of bounds insert
    John Halvichek legends of the draft(skybox LE 0405)
    MJ Profiles #'d(0506 skybox hoops)
    finest producers topps finest shareef abdur rahim
    kareem abdul jabar reprint topps 2002?
    justice of the court pau gasol insert topps
    pau gasol fleer genuine global warning
    y2k corps hoops skybox mike bibby
    Game Night Jay Williams #'d RC(upperdeck)
    larry hughes 52 style blue refractor
    Zydrunas Ilgauskas(Fleer platinum unsung heroes)
    jalen rose(nba hoops 9495 magics all rookie team)
    darius miles topps chrome insert aptitude or altitude
    Kurt Thomas fleer 9697 ROOKIE REWIND
    pat riley topps total silver
    darius miles stadium standouts fleer platinum
    kevin garnett fleer 9697 rookie rewind(bv 10 dollars)
    michael redd hoops skybox hotlist 0405
    Stephon marbury Sweet Stiches fleer showcase insert
    vince carter hoops skybox 0405 supreme court
    darius miles mad game topps
    mike finley(topps gold label jam artists??)
    shawm marion espn plays of day
    grant hill(hoops slam)
    reggie miller fleer showcase playmakers
    lottery legends allan houston
    Ron artest justice of the court insert topps
    tony parker topps chrome refractor and non
    Richard Jefferson 03-04 honor roll popular aclaim
    Justice of the court topps gary payton insert
    stephon marbury topps fantastic 15
    Penny hardaway Pump up the Jam insert hoops skbox
    Eddy Curry(topps 0405 black border)
    jalen rose/stromile swift/lamar odom/mo pete sticker bazooka
    baron davis hoops skybox supreme court
    vlad radmonovic fleer pranium all rookie team
    Derrik Coleman Justice of the Court
    gilvert arenas UD Exclusives EXMT(lil bit bent edges)/50
    gilbert arenas topps 0506 critical componnet
    Karl Malone justice of the court topps
    Deshawn Stevenson 0001 upperdeck rookie focus insert
    the hustlers stadium club karl malone insert
    speedy claxton 52 style chrome
    bernard robinson(topps total silver)
    Shawn Kemp(HologrFX UD)
    Jay williams eletric company (upperdeck 0304 or 0203)
    donyell marshal(topps chrome black refractor)
    all rookie series9394 ultra anfernee hardaway

    Salim Staoudamire RC(1952 topps style)
    Jason Terry RC(99-00 hoops decade)
    Ryan Gomes(Bowmans gold rookie 0506)
    Al Jefferson RC(luxurybox 0405)
    Gerald Green(rookie scrapbook 0506)
    david harrison topps RC
    gerald green RC(topps 1952 style 0506)
    Ike diougu topps chrome RC
    Big 12 press pass 97 billups/vaugh/battie
    christie brinkley topps total
    will bynum ROOKIE CARD REFRACTO topps chrome
    jenny mccharthy topps ROOKIE CARD
    shaun livingston hoops skybox 0405 RC
    Morris Peterson rookie focus insert upperdeck 00-01
    rafael arujo 0405 showcase RC
    deron williams ROOKIE CARD 52 STYLE CHROME
    sean may rookie 52 style
    jonathan bender topps chrome RC
    joey graham ud rookie scrapbook
    jose calderon topps chrome ROOKIE
    ud victory RC Stormile swift
    deron williams topps chrome RC
    andrew bogut RC Hoops skybox
    andrew bogut RC topps total
    Andrew bogut RC topps bazooka
    robert swift RC topps
    rashard lewis rookie card(on back is kobe bryant idk why) collectors edge
    Rafer alston 80% condition decade RC
    luke ridnour 0304 ud rookie exclusives
    ronald murray/jarvis hayes skybox autographics rookies affirmed insert
    sarunas RC 52 style and UD slam
    nazr mohammed RC TOPPS CHROME
    jason kidd 1994 topps RC
    brandon bass RC 52 style
    travis diener RC topps chrome
    kenyon martin Fleer tradition ROOKIE
    mike miller 0001 topps RC
    nate robinson 52 style
    channing frye rookie scrapbook
    david lee rookie UD Slam
    nate robinson refractor 52 style RC
    devin harris RC(0405 hoops skybox)
    raymond felton rookie topps total
    Anderson Varejo RC(luxury box 0405)
    elton brand RC(hoops decade 9900)
    martynas Andriuskevicius RC(upperdeckslam)'
    chris kaman ud MVP
    julius hodge(0506 upperdeck rookie scrapbook)
    james posey rc(hoops decade 9900)
    Dikembe Mutumbo upperdeck RC
    Linas Kleiza(0506 skybox rc)
    nene topps justice of the court nene insert RC
    antoine wright UD ROOKIES

    nazr mohhamed(fleer platinum unsung heroes)
    dikembe mutombo(nba skybox 99-00)
    Jason Terry(topps 00-01)
    Theo Ratliff(fleer platinum)
    Antoine walker(Upperdeck black diamond)
    Shareef abdur rahim(fleer platinum)
    Moses malone(nba hoops)
    Joe Johnosn topps 52 style
    Stephen jackson(04-05 topps)
    Dominique Wilkins(NBA hoops)
    Kevin Willis(91-92 allstar upperdeck)
    Dikembe Mutumbo(98-99 hardcourt)
    Josh Smith(05-06 upperdeck)
    Antoine Walker(fleer flair)
    Al Harrington(upperdeck 05-06)
    jason collier(r.i.p) (topps 05-06)
    Paul Pierce(skybox 0405)
    Paul Pierce(topps 0506)
    Ryan Gomes(topps rookie 0506)
    Brian Scalabrine(topps total)
    Larry bird(nba hoops)
    Gary Payton(upperdeck slam)
    Gary Payton(NBA hoopsskybox 0405)
    Kevin Mchale allstar(nbahoops)
    Reggie lewis RIP(nba hoops)
    Doc rivers topps total
    Glen Rice(Upperdeck Collectors)
    Larry Johnson(upperdeck 9293)
    Jamal Mashburn(0001 topps)
    Glen Rice(9697 fleer)
    Ricky Davis (9900 hoops skybox)
    gerald wallace(0405 luxury box)
    Brevin night(topps total)
    gerald wallace(0506 topps)
    Primoz Brezec 1952 style
    brevin knight topps chrome
    Gerald Wallace(0405 skybox) x2
    Primoz Brezec(hoops skybox 0405)
    Emeka Oakafor(0506 hardcourt)
    jason hart(0506 topps)
    Jason Kapono(0405 skybox)
    Eddie House(skybox LE)
    keith Bogans(hoops skybox0405)
    bernard robinson(topps total)
    kirk hinrich(espn upperdeck)
    Andres Nocioni 52 style
    Kirk hinrich(topps chrome)
    ben gordon(topps total)
    tyson chandler(0405 luxury box)
    ben gordon(0506 upperdeck)
    benny the bull(topps total)
    andres nocioni topps chrome
    Scottie Pippen(collectors edge 9798)
    Michael Jordan(topps scoring leaders 9293)
    toni kuckoc(9900topps)
    Dennis Rodman(upperdeck colectors choice)
    ron artest(0001 topps)
    damon jones(upperdek0506)
    Larry Hughes(upperdeck slam)
    Le Bron James(upperdeck 0506)
    Zydrunas Illgauskas 52 style
    LeBron James(0405 fleer showcase)
    LeBron James(0506 espn upperdeck)
    LeBron James(0506 topps total)
    Ira Newble(0506 topps total)
    Chris Mihm(0304 upperdeck mvp)
    terell brandon(fleer9697 hardcourt leader)
    drew gooden(topps total)
    LeBron James 05-06 topps chrome
    LeBron James 05-06 rookie debut
    Larry Hughes(topps total)
    Carlos Boozer(upperdeck rookie exclusives 0304)
    jeff mcinis(upperdeck hardcourt
    Devin Harris(bazooka mini 0506)
    jason terry(topps total)
    dirk(fleer platinum)
    Josh Howard(0405 hoops skybox)
    marquis daniels(topps total)
    Jerry Stackhouse 52 style
    Dirk Nowitzki 52 style
    jason terry(0405 hoops skybox)
    dirk nowitzki hoops 0506
    dirk(hoops skybox 9900)
    devin harris(topps0506)
    Jamal Mashburn(fleer9697)
    Marquis daniesl 0405 hoops
    nick van exel(0304 ud victory)
    michael finley(9900 topps)
    steve nash(ud victory 0304)
    steve nash(hoops skybox 9900)
    mike finley(0405 skybox hoops)
    nene(0405 skybox)
    nene(0506 UD)
    marcus camby(0506 topps)
    Carmello anthony topps total
    Carmello Anthony Trilogy 0506
    carmello anthony(0405 ud)
    deke mutumbo(fleer9697)
    earl watson topps total
    earl boykins(0506 topps)
    antonio mcdyes(9697 hardcourt leaders fleer)
    nve(9900 skybox)
    andre miller(hoops skybox 0405)
    chauncy billups(9900 topps)
    ben wallace(UD prosigns)
    chauncy billups nba hoops 0506
    rip hamilton(UD MVP 0304)
    chancy billups (SP authentic)
    ben wallace(0506 UD)
    Sheed(0405 hoops skybox)
    Antonio McDyes(0504 NBA Hoops)
    Chauncy billups(topps total suprise)
    isiah thomas(9192 supreme court)
    theo ratliff(fleer9697)
    grant hill(fleer9697)
    bill lambier(nba hoops)
    jerry stackhouse(0001 topps)
    joe dumars allstar(nba hoops)
    dennis rodman(skybox)
    darko milicic(fleer showcase 0405)
    Mike dunleavy(ud0506)
    adonal foyle(topps total)
    derek fisher(topps0506)
    troy murphy(topps 1952 style)
    Andris Biedrins RC(topps 0405)
    baron davis 52 style
    Chris taft 52 style
    baron davis 0506 trilogy
    Jason Richardson(fleer fliar)
    jason trichardson(1952 style)
    Ike diougu(topps total)
    Baron davis(topps total)
    Manute bol(nba hoops)
    Mookie blaylock(skybox9900)
    donyell marshal(topps0001)
    latrell spreewell(UD allstar)
    chris webber(UD allstar rookie game)
    latrell spreewell(fleer9697 hardwood leaders)
    Antwan jaimson(topps9900)
    larry hughes(0001 fleer tradition)
    mario elie(9192 upperdeck)
    stve francis 20002001 ud victory
    hakeem oljuan fleer 9293
    Sam casell 9697 fleer
    Rafer alston 52 style
    scottie pippen hoops skybox 9900
    Hakeem the dream ud collector choice
    cuttino mobleyhoops skybox 9900
    steve francis upperdeck 3d
    Clyde drexler mystery finest topps bv 6
    Yao Ming topps0506
    robert horry fleer 9697
    stormile swift 52 style
    yao ming UD
    charles barkley 9900 topps
    luther head RC 0506
    Ron artest 0506 skybox
    riksmits 9697 fleer
    dale davis 9697 fleer
    ron artest espn
    Jermaine Onea'l SPX 0506
    chris mullin 9900 skybox
    reggie miller fleer 9495
    reggie miller 0203 fleer prenium
    Jermaine oneal 0405 hoops skybox
    jalen rose 0001 victory
    jamaal tinsley 52 style
    Fred Jones topps chrome
    austin croshere topps total
    jeff foster topps 0506
    elton brand 0405 hoops skybox
    shaun livingston 0506 upperdeck trilogy
    elton brand rookie debut 0506
    derek anderson topps 9900
    cuttino mobley bazooka
    elton brand UD MVP 0304
    corey maggete hoops skybox 0405
    corey maggete 52 style
    elton brand UD 0506
    marko jaric topps 0506
    chris kaman hoops skybox
    robert horry 9900 topps
    caron butler black diamond the year he was on lakes
    magic johnson ud 9293
    eddie jones 9899 topps
    byrpm scptt f;eer
    mocl vam exel fleer 9697
    shaq fleer tradition 0001
    shaq sp authentix 0304
    vlade divac ud 9293
    lamar odom topps chrome 0506
    kobe bowmans 0506
    kobe topps 0506
    lamar odom 52 style
    kobe 52 style
    kwame brown 52 style
    kobe bryant edge impulse 98 gold letters
    chris mihm topps 0506
    phil jackson topps total
    shareef abdur rahim0001 ud victory
    james posey hoops skybox 0405
    bryant reeves 9900 hoops skybox
    jason williams fleer throwbacks 0405
    black diamond 0405 bonzi wells
    rewind 99 michael dickerson
    topps total mike miller
    fleer platinum mike miller
    eddie jones 52 style
    eddie jones UD slam
    sjhane battier hoops skybox 0405
    eric musselman topps total
    damon staoudamire ud 0506
    shaq hoops skybox 0405
    udonis haslem bowmans 0506
    gary payton topps chrome
    Shaq fleer throwbacks 0405
    gary payton topps total
    dwyane wade hoops skybox 0405
    zo 52 style
    antoine walker espn UD
    shaq 52 style
    caron butler 0304 fleer platinum
    shaq 0506 hardcourt
    eddie jones allstar diamond collections
    mo williams 0506 topps
    tj ford ud 0506
    joe smith fleer flair 0405
    bobby simmons 52 style
    Bobby Simmons 05-06 SPX
    Michael Redd Upperdeck 3D
    05-06 trilogy Jamaal Magloire
    keith van horn skybox authentix 0405
    ray allen 0001 ud victory
    michael redd 0405 fleer throwbax
    joe smith 52 style
    sam cassell topps 9900
    toni kukoc 0506 ud
    kevin garnett skybox 0405
    kevin garnet skybox 0405 autofraphics
    kevin garnett 0506 topps
    Kevin Garnett 0506 topps chrome
    kevin garnett trilogy 05-06
    kevin garnett fleer tradition 0001
    kevin garnett flair 0102
    marko jaric 52 style refractor/149
    sam casell fleer platinum 0304
    sam casell hoops skybox 0405
    stephon marbury edge impulse
    wally sczebiak topps 0001
    eddie griffin 0506 topps
    ricky davis 52 style
    spreewell hoops skybox 0405
    jason kidd fleer authentix 0001
    richard jefferson UD MVP 0304
    vince carter hoops skybox 0405
    vince carter 52 style
    richard jefferson topps 0304 matrrix
    Jason Kidd 02-03 fleer platinum
    Vince Carter 05-06 rookie debut
    jason kidd skybox LE
    jason kidd bazooka
    stephon marbury victory leaders 0001
    jason kidd UD SLAM
    brad miller skybox 9900 sophmore sensation
    jamaal magloire topps 0506
    baron davis ud 0405
    jamall magloire ud hardcourt 0405
    jamall magloire luxury box 0405
    anfernee hardaway fleer platinum 0304
    stephon marbury matrix 0304
    jamaal crawford 52 style
    allan houston nba tippoff topps 9900
    stephon marbury UD 0506
    latrell spreewell 0001 victory
    keith van horn 0304 ud MVP
    steve francis 52 style
    q-rich 52 style
    stephon marbury topps chrome
    jameer nelson 52 style
    grant hill 52 style
    mobley hoops skybox 0405
    jameer nelson 0506 topps chrome
    hedo topps 0506
    steve francis topps 0506
    grant hill topps 0506
    allen iverson skybox LE
    allen iverson college scoreboard
    chris webber 52 style
    Chris Webber rookie debut
    kyle korver 52 style
    andre igoudala 52 style
    amare UD Victory
    steve nash 52 style
    steve nash UD slam
    amare stauodamaire 0506 trilogy
    amare staoudamire 0405 showcase
    joe johnson ud black diamond 0405
    shawn marion ud black diamond 0405
    stephon marbury ud mvp 0304
    juan dixon ud 0506
    rasheed wallace ud victory
    derek anderson topps 0506
    zach randolph 52 style
    rasheed wallace justice of the court topps insert
    joel pryzbilla refractor 0506 topps
    rasheed wallace ud victory 0001 leaders
    mike bibby 0405 luxury box
    kevin martin hoops skybox 0405 ROOKIE
    ron artest 52 style
    mike bibby 52 style
    bonzi wells topps chrome
    mike bibby espn ud
    chris wilcox 52 style
    Ray Allen topps chrome 0506
    luke ridnour 52 style
    cris bosh ud slam
    mike james topps chrome
    Vince Carter Flair 01-02
    Rafer Alston 0405 hoops
    mehmet okur 52 style
    carlos boozer 52 style
    andrie kirlenko ud slam
    matt harpring SPX
    cj miles rookie UD slam
    matt harpring 52 style
    brendan haywood topps chrome 0506
    Gilbert arenas topps chrome 0506
    Caron Butler topps chrome
    gilbert arenas topps total total su;prise
    juan dixon 0304 rookie exclusives.

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    i like this
    shaun livingston 0405 RC autograph card Skybox EXL bv 50 dollars/100(its creased now)

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    umm just to let you know there kinda creased only above and belo the sig,kay.

    i realy like that parker in ur spurs
    and im not asking for much BV.

    any other SPURS i also want.

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  4. Check out Steel City Collectibles Clearance Center
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    how much of a bv are u looking on it and how big is the crease?

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    not very big its just a 3/4 in or an inch above and below the auto,it doesnt run through the auto tho. maybe 20-30 dollars bv,its worth 50,but ill take 20-30.

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    adam morrison power picks press pass 06 142/500

    is this an auto?

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    hey^^ i'd do it 4 these but like i said it has the crease.
    TIM DUNCAN/KEVIN GARNETT 04 Topps All-Star Support Dual Jerseys #ED/250 BV$25
    MATT BONNER 04 UD Signs of Success Auto BV$5

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