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    Looking to sell some Exquisite!

    Please check out my site, in my FT section and my Exquisite PC. I will sell for paypal or I will trade for other exquisites, so let me know what you like. Some of the stuff is not for trade... but just lmk.

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    The BV is 60, and heres what I liked from you:
    exquisite deron auto patch /100
    exuqisite martynas a. auto patch /225
    exquisite hakim warrick auto patch /100
    exquisite raymond felton auto patch /100
    and possibly the exquisite nate robinson auto 1 clr patch /225

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    How much for the Pietrus Exquisite, the Hayes Exquisite and theKevin Martin Exquisite?


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    The Pietrus, I could do around $95ish for, the Hayes around $70, but i dont wanna move it, and the kevin martin is nfs.

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