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Thread: 06 threads box rip

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    06 threads box rip

    anwar phillips auto /999
    jamal lewis jersey /250
    charley taylor century collection jersey /250

    brett farve /aaron rogers generations dual patch /25 (farve 3 clr/rogers 1 color w/ stiching). sweet! NFT

    david anderson /250
    brandon kirch /999
    john mcargo /999
    bruce gradkowski /999

    all but the dual patch for trade. also check out my tradelist here:

    thanks necron

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    redskins charley taylor?? love to get it if so!!

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    lol, guess i could have just looked at the scans!! lmk what you would need for it (can trade well in your favor for it!!)

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    theproudestmonkey- didn't see anything i could use, sorry. would you be interested in buying? feel free to make an offer if interested. thanks necron

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    bruce gradkowski /999
    looking for anything specific?

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    StainLss- stuff in sig or decent tradebait. lmk thanks necron

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