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Thread: inserts for trade or sale

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    inserts for trade or sale

    i have about 200 or 300 inserts from all 3 sports sitting in a box that i need to get rid of inserts include refractors numbered etc lmk who you need and i should have some of them i will get you a list or will sell verry cheap lmk thanks


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    I am looking for all White Sox. And what do you classify as all 3 sports.

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    lol sorry about that i have never collected hocky so i meant baseball, football, basketball here are some of the whitesox inserts that i found right off hand

    1992 Studio Heratge collection Carlton Fisk #BC-2

    1992 Donruss Gallery Of stars Steve Sax #GS-4

    will look for more here shortly


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    Ok I already have the Fisk and not really interested in the Sax...but please do let me no when you find more and get a list for me...thanks a lot!

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    what was that for, you said you had stuff from all 3 sports, do you have any more white sox?

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    i was just bumping it up playa i am still looking for some sox for you thanks


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