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    Need out

    I need some space I just dont have the room for all these cards...I am looking to sell some base cards and some numbered and all of my rookie cards. Have quite a few rookie cards all are in my bucket. Also have numbered cards all in my bucket. ***Tell me some teams or players you want and I will sell them.*** Have a 2000 Mark McQwire PowerDeck cd looking to get rid of...LET ME NO!!!

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    Bluejays- it is his rookie and is numbered/1500 it books at $8.00...looking for white sox

    Davo-the karros books at $1.00 looking for white sox also

    if anybody wants to buy all I think it is 60-70 rookie cards for $22 dlvd I will do that

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    Somebody else please help...I want to try and sell the rest!!!

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