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    Talking Trading for all Hank Baskett cards

    just like the title says ALL HANK BASKETTs with multiples . PM me with all you have and who you are looking for

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    I have a Sage silver auto. Looking for any Press Pass auto's.

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    I have 2 extra 2006 Playoff Prestige Baskett RCs.....LMK if you are interested in one or both.

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    I have some 2006 Topps DP&P. I'll let you know as soon as I get home later this evening.

    I am looking for rookie cards of P. Manning, Brady, Tomlinson, Steve Smith, Santana Moss, Larry Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Bush, Young, Cutler, Lienert, etc...


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    I have these:
    2006 Topps DP&P
    BASE ROOKIE #129
    CHROME ROOKIE #129 (x2)

    Wish I had more...

    If you are interested, I'll sell cheap.
    Do you collect anyone else?


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