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Thread: If Anyone Is Interested.

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    If Anyone Is Interested.

    I have to many commons, if your interested in a team just let me know what team and I'll see if i have that team left and how many cards I have.
    Remember these are commons so they wont be any high dollar cards in there, but if your making sets or just like a team, you cant go wrong.
    All I ask is you send me your address and $1.50 for shipping.

    If interested let me know.

    You can also send money through PAY PAL.

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    Do you have the Broncos left?
    I collect football cards of former University of Colorado players.

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    I'll take patriots from 1998 and on if you have any left. Thanks

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    abalwhite - yes i have the broncos left, 16 cards from 91 to 03.


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    ckretsgrl1 - yea i got the patriots, 20 cards from 90 to 03


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    leftyshan- no more raiders but i do have the 49ers, 14 cards from 00 to 03


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    hairston1315- bills 9 cards- from 1991-2003


    bishop2knight- packers are pending but first come first serve i have 15 cards from- 1991-2003 including 1 brett favre

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