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Thread: Wantlist: Please Help

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    Wantlist: Please Help

    I need cards of the following players. i don't want base cards, just decent inserts, gu, autos, or rc's of:
    1) Terence Newman
    2) Roy Williams
    3) Kliff Kingsbury
    4) Chris Simms
    5) any dallas cowboy gu or auto
    6) any dallas maverick gu or auto/preferrably dirk nowitzki

    Look at my www button and find something you like in return. please help i need cards of the players above, thanks

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    u.d.glory bound #gbj-ab
    SP leg. cuts rookie recruits

    Roy Williams hot prospects #104 727/1000

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    i have an antonio bryant 2002 topps pristine RC premiere materials jersey lmk if interested

    i like ur tomlinson RC retro threads, and arod patch lmk if we can work out a deal maybe with some other stuff

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    2003 Score
    2003 Topps DP&P
    2003 All American
    2003 Topps DP&P
    2003 All American
    2003 Topps DP&P
    Looking for Urlacher or Booker cards or willing to sell

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    I have a Sage Bronze Auto of Kingsbury 105/450

    I do like your 2002 flair jeremy shockey rc 1053/1250

    Not sure on the BV's but I bet the Shockey is a little more. Take a look at my homepage to see if there is anything else you might like.



    I collect football cards of former University of Colorado players.

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    iced- i'm interested in the bryant jersey. check out my site and tell me something you like

    jandj- what is the bv on the bryant? the bv on the tomlinson is 30. tell me if we can work something out

    craig- sorry i don't have urlachers or booker

    abal- I need the kingsbury auto!!! i like the boston gu as well, let me know what the bv are. the shockey rc is worth 25. lmk

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    Hot Sauce - Just looked them up...

    Kingsbury BV$12
    Boston BV$12

    How about both for the Shockey?



    I collect football cards of former University of Colorado players.

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    i was talking about abal
    iced- what do you want for the bryant card?

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