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Thread: threads generations

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    threads generations

    ronnie lott/roy williams dual gu for trade 104/250. anybody need it?

  2. The Card Swap
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    didn't see anything, most of the stuff was traded.

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    I have a kenyon martin rookie and a jason maxiell rookie.lmk

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    have plenty of k-mart and maxiell gu/autos/rookies. looking for football or basketball gu or autos, you have a trade list or photbucket?

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    no list but i have a 05 signature edition josh howard auto and a stefan lefors bowman fabric of the future rookie auto.

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    anything else? fitzgerald gu, nash gu/auto, marion gu/auto, stoudemire gu/auto, iverson gu/auto, charlie frye gu/auto, carson palmer gu/auto, chad johnson gu/auto, kobe gu/auto, any of those?

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    05 Frye, Charlie Absolute Memorabilia JSY
    05 James, Edgerrin Fabric Reflections JSY
    01 Barber, Tiki Leather and Laces BALL /825

    missed these the first time joker, lmk

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