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Thread: ***just Updated My Bucket***

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    ***just Updated My Bucket***

    Take a look and let me know what you like. I can sell or trade. Thanks.
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    Nice collection I need alot of stuff so take a look at my tradelist and tell me if you need anything.

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    great stuff indeed. i like the chad johnson but i have nothing for it

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    Like a lot of stuff. Check my site and see if you like anything.

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    Eli Manning/Rivers/Roethlisberger
    Young Bush Leinart 23/25 Triple Jersey
    Rex Grossman 1/1

    Probably don't have anything you want but LMK if I can get any of these off of you. Willing to trade only....


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    like a few things. check my site to see what you like...
    eli/rivers/ben triple
    walter jsy

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    NEED THAT GROSSMAN 1/1 wat do u need? ill give u a nice gridiron patch

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    check my list for these...if you see nothing...what in sale?
    Reggie Bush /Vernon...
    Bush leinart young triple

    my list:

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