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Thread: shortest ebay auction

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    shortest ebay auction

    what is the shortest i could have an ebay auction can i make it a few hours

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    Earlier in the year i put up a Mcdonalds Rookie of Crosby, by the time i could get back to check on it which was about 1 min , it was sold on the buy it now Price i had.

    I thought the Link didn't go up , until i looked and saw that someone had purchased it.


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    1 day is the minimum, but you need x amount of feedback, etc...

    As for the shortest, I listed a 2005 Leaf Limited Legendary Signatures Willie Mays auto /5 sometime back late last fall with a BIN of $185... It sold in 4 minutes or so.... I was VERY VERY surprised... The same card was resold a few months later and it only went for $131 I believe.

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    1 day is the shortest auction. 24 hours to be exact. ;)

    Put a Buy It Now on the item and hope someone sees right away. I know a lot of buyers are always searching the newly listed items to find these good deals.

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    Exclamation Has anyone delt with >>>

    The PIT?? Naxcom? I was wondering how anybody made out dealing with style?? LMK''

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