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Thread: Why is the letter 't'......

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    Why is the letter 't'......

    Why is the letter T always used when people are bumping there threads. It seams if they didn't say "bump", they said "ttttttttttttt"......

    Whats up with that?

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    It used to be that people would just put TTT for "to the top," but there is a minimum character limit to post a message so you need to add something before you are able to post it.


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    I usually use that symbol when I top a thread.

    I`m 40+ years old and I find some of these abbreviations to be silly IMHO <----- :)

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    I agree. Symbols and acronyms make somethings hard to understand unless they are explained. Why not just type to the top instead of ttt. You'd bump the thread and have the characters needed for the post.
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    On a side note.

    Bumping is actually against SCF policies ( or at liest it was about a year ago.)

    Theory goes that you are suppost to make a new thread instead of bumping. I think the rule is a bit rediculas but it does help to keep the impatiant from bumping ever 5 minutes.

    Either way it is never enforced so I guess it really doesnt matter.

    If a mod see's this could you please add some clearification to exactly what the site rules are in reguard to this.

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    Bumping is not against SCF policy. The rule is that members are allowed to bump their own thread once in the AM and once in the PM (or maybe it was once in the morning and once in the evening--practically the same thing, lol). Unfortunately, I could'nt find the exact policy wording but that's what we're enforcing now. I believe most members know that and do report those that bump their threads more often. If I'm not mistaken, this was actually an SCF rule before I joined SCF. It was kind of neglected for awhile but now it is back in force.


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