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    Looking for Allen and Ginter Base Cards

    Looking for any A&G Base Cards I Need. Just tell me what you have and hopefully we can work out a deal.


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    You and me both, check out my site and let's make a deal!!!!!!!!


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    I'm just starting to collect them so i dont have any cards to trade. Can we still work out a deal?

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    Are you only looking to trade or would you be willing to buy?? I busted two boxes of A&G and I'm sure I'll have some of what you're looking for (I don't know which specific ones now since I'm not at home) but would only look to sell them. Let me know.

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    Geoff- do you have a list of which ones you need?? If so, later when I go home I'll see which I have and you can make me an offer.

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    Cool, you can either post it here or PM and we'll see if we can work something out.

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    4,8,20.24,35,36,54,60,74,82,99,101,110,116,139,140 ,143,145,149,154,155,
    160,167,179,197,213,215,217,218,219,223,224,236,24 7,254,257,259,264,295

    Now, I many not need everyone of them, but i just put all these in a list so that I have a better chance of you finding more of them. I will give you a final list when you have the cards.


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    Sounds good Geoff, i'll know more when i get home tonight. Thanks.

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