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    Slyner77 - Charlie Coyle

    Please join me in welcoming the newest member of the SCF Super Collector Hall of Fame, Slyner77!! Shane has put together a remarkable collection of Minnesota Wild forward Charlie Coyle! Since Coyle's 2013-14 debut, he has improved every year, cracking the 20-goal plateau for the first time in 2015-16 and setting a new career high in points! Of course, Coyle may be best known among collectors for a certain Trilogy card more than anything he's done on the ice...and yes you will see that card here! Make sure to leave a nice comment as you take in the collection.

    * Name of the player collected: Charlie Coyle
    * Total Unique cards owned of this player 258
    * Total Unique True Rookie cards: 23
    * Total Unique cards with Auto: 90
    * Total Unique cards with GU: 96
    * Total Unique base cards: 14
    * Total Unique Inserts: 54
    * Total 1/1: 32
    * Total Oddball/unlisted: 1
    * Total Misc./memorabilia: 3

    List of cards/memorabilia: All of my cards I have are in the link provided (the link is the inventory system here on SCF so there\'s a scan of each one as well)

    I also have the following misc items
    Game Used Skates with COA from the Hockey Lodge at the X
    Game Used Gloves with COA from the Hockey Lodge at the X
    Replica White Coyle Jersey
    Roster Card from Preseason game this year vs Sabres featuring Coyle & Gionta (I attended this game with my wife)
    Program from April 11th 2013 Vs Blues Features Coyle on the cover in his #63 jersey

    Pictures, link or site to your collection:

    Why you think you are a supercollector:
    I believe that I have established myself as "the Coyle guy" aka his super collector for a couple different reasons. First off I check Ebay several times a day looking at the newly listed Coyles, I actually landed his 14/15 Upper Deck Yellow press plate at a $5 Bin within 3 minutes of it being listed, I am assuming the seller listed it wrong, but they didn\'t say anything and shipped it out right away! On top of just Ebay i check sites like sportlots, comc, beckett marketplace, C&C, hobby insider, and of course I have a few threads here on sports card forum that I try to bump up every couple days. My next reason would be that I have already encountered three different collectors who were collecting Coyle heavily and after seeing the collection that I had established so far two of them were willing to sell me everything they had that I needed and the third one we worked out a huge high dollar trade for the ones he had that I didn\'t have yet in exchange for other Wild stuff out of my PC, as the Wild themselves are my secondary PC. Third I believe I have already landed the holy grail of modern day player PC\'s with his The Cup Black 1/1 Rookie parallel along with the infamous "penis" card which can be seen in my inventory, its his Trilogy Rookie card that he drew a penis by his signature and it was verified by ACA as being signed at the same time as the signature with the same marker used. I probably over spent on both of those cards but that\'s a prime example of why I think that I am his Super collector that I just had to have them haha.

    Why did you start collecting this player:
    I started getting back into cards heavily in 2014, after selling the vast majority of my collection to help pay for medical costs for my youngest daughters Leah & her twin sister who is watching over us in heaven Emma. Leah is now almost 3 years old and is dealing with epilepsy, CP, and is legally blind, she is truly my hero, as she goes through every day as happy as can be. We have gotten her medical costs all figured out now with insurance as well as ND MA so I was able to get back into the hobby on a more regular basis. I used to collect Milan Hejduk very heavily so the addiction to being a player collector was already there, I want to say I was over 900 different Hejduks before I started selling them. He was always one of my favorite players and played for the Avalanche my 2nd favorite team. But lets get on track with why Coyle, first off like I said I really enjoyed being a player collector always trying to hunt down cards of a certain player and I wanted to pick a player from my favorite team the Wild, so that\'s how I first started to thin the list of who my PC guy would be. I then narrowed it down to the new crop of young guys on the team, Coyle, Granlund, Brodin, Dumba, Kuemper, Haula, & Fontaine. Granlund and Coyle soon became my two main focuses as I really liked the way both of them played back then and thought they were both going to be something (I\'m starting to rethink my opinions on Granlund being a superstar like I once thought he would turn into though haha) A couple small reasons I leaned towards Coyle were he is #3 and at the time my youngest daughter was 3 and thought it was cool that his jersey number was the same as how old she was. I also liked that he was a US born player. Now onto the 2 bigger reasons that I chose to go with Coyle as my guy, I was making a large purchase of Wild stuff from a guy in Winnipeg and he offered me the Coyle Dominion Brand Logo /3 for I believe $90 or roughly around there, and I thought it was a really sweet card and it was my really low numbered car I purchased after getting back into the hobby and so I thought well I got this one that\'s /3 lets keep going! But the main reason I collect Coyle is his off ice personality with fans especially children and even more so children with disabilities since I my Leah has them and is looked at as a burden or inconvenience by so many people. The first act from Coyle that caught my eye was when he went viral online when he waved at that little boy sitting on the glass and tossed him a puck during warm ups, I thought that was just awesome. Then after following him more and paying more attention I came to read many articles and hear many personal fan based interactions with Charlie and they all say how great he is with the kids. He\'s always one of the last players to leave public appearances assuring every kid gets an autograph or a picture or high five or whatever it may be. He also spends a lot of his personal time with children at the Children\'s Hospital in St Paul, that is where Leahs primary neurologist is located but we have yet to be there when he or any of the other team is there visiting haha. I guess really it just came down to the simple facts he plays for my favorite team, his rookie year was perfect timing for me in the hobby and it really pulls at my heart how well he is with children for obvious reasons.

    If you wish to add, list anything else, here's your last chance:
    I hope to one day get to meet Coyle and tell him about the collection I have accumulated of his cards and memorabilia and have a laugh about his Trilogy "penis" rookie card. Get pictures with him and my 3 children who are still with us Khloe, Marek, & Leah. As they all know daddys favorite player is Charlie Coyle and think hes the best hockey player in the world since I like him so much haha. I don\'t plan on ever stopping with my Coyle collection and hope to have it as complete as possible with every new release. I would also like to practically dress a manican with his game used gear, I hope to get his Helmet, Jersey, Stick, Leg Socks, and Breezers in the future as the Hockey Lodge at the X is great about selling off the used gear of all the players so I feel it is definitely attainable. I should also mention I do currently have 4 other Coyle cards incoming as I type this including another 1/1.

    Thanks for your time and consideration at this potential honor,



    As you saw in the application, yes he owns "that card":

    Here's the stats:

    Total Cards: 258/479 = 53.9%
    Total Cards minus 1/1: 236/321 = 73.5%
    Total RC: 23/23
    Total Auto: 90/163 (118 of total are non-1/1)
    Total Mem: 96/179 (159 of total are non-1/1)

    Truly an excellent collection worthy of the Hall of Fame!
    Carey Price fan and collector!
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    First of all I want to say thanks for the amazing honor! I honestly regard the Super Collector status here on SCF as the Elite of the Elite when it comes to player PC's in the hobby! I never thought I would make it here this quickly but thanks to many different people here on SCF, Ebay, Random people emailing me being referred by people and people on breakers in group break chats here I am! Today was also perfect timing as I just closed a deal with a guy for 6 more non 1/1 Coyles as well as 5 more 1/1 press plates! All in all I have 9 more non 1/1 Coyles incoming and 5 more press plates! To add to these updated statistics :)

    * Name of the player collected: Charlie Coyle
    * Total Unique cards owned of this player 291
    * Total Unique True Rookie cards: 24
    * Total Unique cards with Auto: 98
    * Total Unique cards with GU: 113
    * Total 1/1: 35
    * Total Oddball/unlisted: 2
    * Total Misc./memorabilia: 3

    Total Cards: 291/495 = 58.8%
    Total Cards minus 1/1: 256/333 = 76.9%
    Total RC: 24/25
    Total Auto: 98/170 (118 of total are non-1/1)
    Total Mem: 113/181 (159 of total are non-1/1)

    I wanted to share a picture of this one I just got in the mail for a steal if you ask me off of Ebay for only $35+a couple bucks for shipping

    As for the cards I have incoming they are these,
    2013-14 National Treasures NT Duals #34 /100 With Parise
    2013-14 National Treasures Rookie Timeline Patch #30 /25
    2013-14 Panini Playbook Rookies Prime #109 /25
    2013-14 Panini Prizm Blue Prizms #247
    2013-14 Panini Totally Certified Mirror Platinum Gold #153 /5
    2013-14 Panini Totally Certified Rookie Autograph Jersey Platinum Gold Patch #153 /10
    2013-14 Prime Seams Incredible #22 /10
    2014-15 SP Authentic Limited Signatures #145
    2014-15 SP Authentic Sign of the Times 3 #ST3MIN /15

    As well as 5 more Panini Press Plates

    Thanks for looking at my thread everyone and if you know anyone who has or pulls any rare Coyles send them my way first :)

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    Shane, your collection is incredible! Congrats on the new SuperCollector Badge! I hope to one day 'make it' into the player collection HOF as well. Now I know I'll be in some great company with collectors such as yourself. Keep up the great work with your Charlie Coyle collection and keep having fun with it!

    Congrats on a job well done.
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    very nice PC and well deserved honor
    Bobby Ryan PC
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    1/1's and Plates: 10

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    Nice job, Shane. I was really upset when the Sharks traded him. I knew he would grow into a good player. Congrats!
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    Awesome Coyle PC... Congrats on making it to the Super Collector HOF
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    Great looking collection, but it's your description of your passion that hits closest to home. Well-deserved induction into the Super Collector HOF.
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