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    Talking ? about blisters

    hi i see blisters of say like 2006 upper deck ice hockey and 2006 donruss classics football only the 1 pack per blister not like the walmart ones that have like 2 or 3 packs for like $3.99. my question is are the individual blisters hobby packs or are they retail packs. does it matter weather its walmart or target i ask this because last years gridiron gear football people were buying blisters and getting crazy stuff and if they are hobby i was thinking of buying blisters of donruss classics and maybe other relaeses in the future because they are like $6 at my local target and my local card store is cheap on some products but for like claasics he wants $9. thanks ps i only want them if there hobby

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    I believe they are hobby...

    The only blister packs I've purchased have been the following:
    (1)05 Sterling: 1 auto, 1 game used
    (2)Gridiron Gear: 2 name plate patches, Andrew Walters)
    (8)UD Ice: 3 GU (Crosby, Artyukhin, Nilsson) 2 LVL 4 rooks.

    Nice breaks, but I only bought them because I was craving cards and it was late...

    I usually like to stay away from anything near a retail store, like my local Kmart.. They have a ton of Sweet Spot in blisters, but since you can tell what's in what, they are a dead buy.

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