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    Ebay auctions pulling a hot pack everytime?

    I've looked around on ebay and i see auctions saying tips to guarantee a hot pack every single time whats up with that? How can someone actually do that I dont get it.

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    Not a Good Subject to be discussing on this site, as you will find that 99% of the Members here can not stand Pack Searchers. and that is all they are going to try to teach you , does it work i am not sure as i think that every ebayer that has a sale like this should be reported and Kicked off of Ebay.


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    Ohh thats all it is they teach you how to feel out the packs thast pretty lame if you ask me

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    I`ve purchased quite a few boxes over the years. I`ve experimented with a few of those boxes trying to do pack searching. I`m not very good at it. LOL It`s not worth the hassles imho. I just randomly pick a few packs from any open box that looks full(unsearched)and usually do fine like that. Who the hell actually has the time or patience to pack search? Seems like such a joke to even try. I don`t buy loose packs from any retail stores(K-Mart, Target, etc). I stick with card shops(mainly 1) if I`m buying loose packs.

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    yeah...I got a hot pack of the bay once. Sure enough, the card is there. But you know what? It's no fun. Hey look, i got a JSY card...what a surprise. I hate it.

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    I wouldn't get it. The seller is obviously a pack searcher, and you'll see that it's a sore subject on here.

    It does take the fun out of it. I mean, if you buy a few packs, you get a cool surprise if you get an insert, where as, if the seller sells you a pack gaurnenteed to have an insert, then it takes the fun out of it.

    I would just buy the inserts you want. I wouldn't buy a pack on the bay.

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    yes i know...i have learned better since then and have promised never to get one again. I am 100% against pack searching.

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    ahh i see so basically those people i see at target and walmart whenever i go in the card section that are sitting there for awhile looking at the cards are searching packs.. I didnt think that it took that long to pick out a pack haha

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