Broke a box of 05/06 Topps Total earlier, most of it up for trade

key base: Wade, Ray Allen & Iverson (NFT) - Kobe, BRand (2), TMac, MAtrix, Melo, Carter, Dwight, KG (2), Amare

key rcs: May, CV, McCants, Granger, Felton, Gomes, Green, Frye, Marvin, Diogu, Bynum

silver rcs: whaley, Kleiza, miles, jack

silver parallels: livingston, j smoove, iggy, david west, juwan, al harrington, crawford, hinrich, finley, krstic, manu, mutombo (rest were coaches and mascots :()


Total Performance (marbury, hinrich, duncan, amare)
Total Surprise (big ben, redd)
Total Transfer (Q Rich, Fatoine Walker)
Total Competition (Iverson NFT, Emeka)

now the good stuff :new_all_c

Travis Outlaw Gold Parallel #10/10


Tony Parker Black Printing Plate Front #1/1!!! if u want this please dont offer crap!!!

lmk if theres anything you need