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    Question Looking for 06 Score Hot Rookies

    Wondering if anyone can help me out with these need most of em...thanks

    I have the Leinart, Cutler, Homes, Moss....thanks again

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    Hey!!!! I Have these 3:

    #1 Matt Leinart
    #7 Laurence Maroney
    #8 Santonio Holmes

    LMK.. I would Be Looking for Newer Inserts of Peyton & Eli Manning OR Newer Inserts to Use as Tradebait....

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!

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    trains....I need the maroney

    stainLss......i need the young

    LMK what you guys want in trade check my bucket I'm pretty sure it is up to date as of last week...thanks

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    I have a LenDale White, looking for Edgerrin James cards. LMK and thanks a lot.

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    is the gold reggie bush for trade i could add somthing from my trade list for it

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    you want the HR scorecards /750 too?? also have a regular vince HR

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    jj5278-I need the White...Just Check my Bucket I will look for any James cards i have I don't think I have many

    StainLss-The Bush cards are for trade...LMK exactly which one you are talking about

    Proudest-no thanks Im only collecting the "base" parrellels...thanks though

    thanks guys

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