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Thread: a few new things in

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    a few new things in

    garnett ultra leaps and bounds jersey
    t-mac ultra leaps and bounds jersey
    jason richarson ultra leaps and bounds jersey
    malone ultra roundball jersey
    houston ultra roundball jersey x2
    divac finest jersey /999
    t-mac ultra roundball jersey

    still looking for hard to get stoudamires , dominique wilkins , loy vaught , and spud webb .

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    I have at least a hundred cards of Loy Vaught, Dominque Wilkens, Spud Webb, and Damon Stoudamire if that the Stoudamire you mean. I would like to trade for any of the TMac, Garnett, or Richardson jerseys you. PLMK

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    dont need any commons , only the rare inserts.
    mainly i want the following


    96-97 legacies , autogrpahics , fleer thrill seekers , z-force vortex , champions of the court diecut

    thats all im missing from coll and first 2 NBA years

    all the rest only the good stuff , rubys , refractors pre 96 etc

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    Meshuggah- Hey I like those Tmacs. LMK what you want for them. Peace:D

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