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Thread: anyone need maroney

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    anyone need maroney

    got a bronze level auto BV 40
    silver level auto /200 Bv 50
    6 press pass and sage RC's

    looking to trade for a low end leinart auto or GU

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    Please Check My Site
    Depdnding On The Stuff U Like I Will Trade In Your Favor

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    whats triple?

    any other autos or game used not in the pc??

    ill trade in your favor for some stuff


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    nothin i really saw i could use thanks neways i liked the jackson if wwe could something

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    ttt need a low end leinart auto for all of these

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    i like the bush triple gu with leinart and white i can also use your bird auto

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    well the bush sells for about 60 so i was thinking about 100bv

    u have anyhtng u can add to the autos?
    maybe another auto?

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