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    FS: 150 card FB PROMO/SAMPLE lot!!!

    OK, I have over 150 NFL PROMO/SAMPLE cards for sale. I just bought a huge box of promo/sample cards, and these are just all the football cards. I donít collect football cards, and I rarely watch NFL football, so I donít know too much about them. I think the last time I ever bought a pack of football cards was about 10 years ago (and I was excited about picking up Kijana Carter RCs). I donít want to list them all out because it would be too time-consuming (and Iím lazy). But here is the best description I can give:
    Total of over 150 cards, which includes some duplicates, ALL are PROMOS/SAMPLES
    Players included (some players have several cards): Peyton Manning (12 cards!), Moss, Faulk, Aikman, Emmit Smith, Dan Marino, Antonio Freeman, Warner, Edgerrin James, Culpepper, Holt and more

    Brands included: Collectorís Edge, Topps, SP Signature Edition, SPx, Molten Metal, Pacific Prism, Skybox Premium, Flair Showcase, Topps Stars, Pacific Premium Stock, Touchdown Kings, Stadium Club, Fleer Platinum and more.

    I am looking to move these as a lot, and as a lot only! Please do not ask me to break them up! Iím looking for around $50 for the whole lot, or the best offer I can get. Please let me know if you are interested.

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