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Thread: What do I do??

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    What do I do??

    I sold a card to a guy on ebay and he should have gotten it by now but he is now filing a non received item with paypal and its $93. How can I keep from getting screwed on my money and card?

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    No....just asked another guy online too. Guess im screwed

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    dang....that stinks. Man, I wish there was something you could do.

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    just keep watchin him and see if he resells it on long was it that you said it was shipped before he claimed item not recieved? its taken 2 weeks before when i shipped a card to washington state but we both had the DC number and he knew it was on the way.

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    Its barely been over a week since the end of the auction

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    Yea he only has like 26 feedback and one negative but it looks like in that negative he ripped someone too

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    i say for now let it ride out. sometimes the mail gets miss routed and takes some time to get to the right place. it happened to me and i was pi$$ed. but in the end i got it and everything was cool. paypal gives you like 2 weeks or something before they acutally do anything. but i agree with deansayso - any item sold on the bay, make sure you always use dc.

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