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    05 Rookies +Rookie auto and #d for trade

    Have the following for trade for one nice auto or game used will trade in your favor just Lmk.

    Adrian Mcpherson Scripts for success Auto

    Ryan Riddle Sp Authentic 648/750

    Alex Smith
    Topps Heritage
    Topps heritage new age performers

    Frank Gore
    Topps Heritage

    Ryan Moats
    Topps Heritage

    AAron Rodgers
    Topps Heritage

    J.J Arrington
    Topps Heritage Topps National

    Cedric Benson

    Eric Shelton

    Heath Miller
    Topps Heritage

    Marion Barber
    Topps Chrome

    Andrian Mcpherson
    Topps Heritage

    Drew Henson
    Topps Heritage

    Dan Cody
    Topps Heritage

    Cedric Houston
    Topps Heritage

    Matt Roth
    Topps Heritage

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    only looking for a Gu or auto in the $20-$30 range these cards book way more than that someone make me a offer.

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