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Thread: Sweet Rookie Lot F/s

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    Sweet Rookie Lot F/s

    I would like to sell all of these as a lot for the sum of $35 dlvd just lowered it by $5

    93 action packed mark brunell rc #218
    93 pro set brunell rc qtr backs #rq3
    93 pro set power prospects brunell rc #pp4
    93 pro set brunell rc #162
    93 edge brunell rc #257

    05 bazooka f gore rc parallel #177
    05 bowman f gore rc bronze parallel #130
    05 ultra f gore rc #248
    05 ultra f gore rc gold med parallel #248
    05 ultra ciatrick fason #228
    05 ultra kyle orton #219
    05 ultra r parrish #235
    05 ultra d pollack #220
    05 ultra justin tuck #222 gold med

    04 Bazooka gold parallel rookies:
    watson,udeze,s parker,j babin,berrian,d henderson,r gallery,m clayton,c gamble,p rivers,m moore,winslow,r williams wr,e manning

    05 bazooka gold parallel rookies:
    orlovsky,j mathis,f gibson,a mcpherson,f washington x2,r marshall,a currie,c roby,d greene,reggie brown

    05 bowman rc's
    savoy,d cobb,a smith te,e shelton,j campbell,c benson

    05 prestige rc's
    m patterson,m roth,d blackstock,roydell williams,r white,m williams wr

    06 prestige rc's
    g lee x2,o jacobs,j norwood,b kirsch,l vickers,t watkins,s green,g riggs jr,g jennings,s moss,d ferguson,t hall,ko simpson,e meyer, v young, a zemaitis xtra points gold

    misc rookies
    05 bazooka c benson rc
    05 topps chrome fred gibson rc
    05 topps chrome roddy white rc
    05 topps chrome reggie brown rc
    05 bazooka reggie brown rc & blue parallel rc
    05 upper deck kickoff reggie brown rc
    05 upper deck reggie brown star rc limited

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    just added some more rookies to the lot. for a total of 75 rookies. TW

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    thats still not worth 35 bucks ... .could buy a great gu/auto

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    Quote Originally Posted by IowaHawkeyesTate
    thats still not worth 35 bucks ... .could buy a great gu/auto
    O'great another NEWBIE with nothing intelligent to say. thats good for you go buy the dang auto and keep your unwanted remarks to yourself.

    less than .50 c a rookie ok.

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